No I did not go shopping today. I did a little online while at work SHHHH don’t tell Albany. I didn’t actually order anything I just put them in my shopping cart. My parts for my CD player should be here sometime next week. That means next Saturday I can get my CD player.

There were a couple of men on the train this afternoon with girls. At first I thought they must have brought their daughters to work with them so their wives could go shopping without them. Then I thought, maybe they are divorced and this is their weekend for their visit and they had to bring their daughters with them to work because they had to work and etc. My mind works in strange mysterious ways.

M and I went to the gym tonight. I need to shower before bed. Right now I am missing Women’s Murder Club but I really want to type this before I forget. I have already forgotten some of what I was going to say.

My weight was up this morning, I didn’t drink enough water yesterday. I think I will drink a bunch before bed so hopefully I will be down in the morning.

I remembered what else I was going to say. I cleaned the fridge at work and was totally grossed out. There was food with mold and food that just looked icky. So I threw it all out. Bob thanked me for doing it. No one that I told I was doing it thought it was bad they all said it was something that had to be done.