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How Now Brown Cow.

I get tired sometimes of trying to think of titles for my posts. I went to the gym today, well M and I went to the gym. Then we went to Panera for hot cocoa. We also went out in service today. Only for 30 minutes. If I made New Years Resolutions I would make one to go out in service every month.

This evening when I came downstairs to go to bed my phone starting going off. M, Tigger and Tigger(with D’s phone) sent me text messages all at once. They thought it was hilarious. They also blamed it on Sassy.

Well, now I am going to bed.


Quick post

I am very tired and should get to bed. I got about 3 hours last night. I was down 1.4 pounds today, at least, I don’t know exactly because when I look at the scale last week, my eyes stopped at 134.

I am still reading The Woman in White and listening to Salem Falls. I might put WIW aside to read Bliss. It is due back to the library on 1/2/2008. Today I got After You’d Gone. I read some of it. It looks interesting.

M., Gwen and I went to Danbury because M. needed a coat. She finally found one at Sears. It is Lands End. Gwen and I found clothes at Cold Water Creek. A skirt for each of us and I found a purple sweater, and a pair of red slippers. I can know throw away my ‘Toadily Cool’ ones.

To the gym, to the gym

M and I went to the gym. Although I love M., when she goes I have to go on the elliptical instead of the AMT. Oh well, at least I went.

Today I tried the cinnamon splenda in my oatmeal and it was so good! I think I’m in love.

I just downloaded 4 songs for Tigger and ordered the rest of the beads I need to make my necklace. When I make my necklace, I am going to fix M.’s necklace. It got broken when her luggage was searched when she went to Florida.

I have to go shower now, I will be back later, maybe today, maybe not.

Christmas Day

No work today. Our internet connection has been iffy and I keep using it to check my e-mail and post to WW, not here. So I am taking advantage of this time to post here.

Today I made Bulkogi. Saturday when M., Gwen and I were at lunch I said I wanted to make it so M. bought flank steak and today I made it. Didn’t have all the ingredients, so made due and it was fine. Stitch and Tigger liked it. Then they had their bookstudy but Tigger had a bad headache and stayed home. Tigger and I watched NCIS but it was a repeat. After the bookstudy the whole family and I watched Music and Lyrics. We also watched Crossing Jordan today, they were showing some episodes we missed.

I just heard some strange noises. No idea where they came from.

Well, bye for now, hopefully I will be back tomorrow.

More stuff

I should not be typing this, I should be getting ready for bed. But here goes, my little black notebook split, because I ripped some pages out, so I had to glue it, boo hoo.

I have been posting on BT and a couple of the women and I have agreed to meet for lunch in Manhattan. Details to follow.

Tigger got his own cell phone, D activated his old one for him and he texted M’s nephew and now he is not going to text me anymore – boo hoo! YAY! He can also play music on his phone and so he used my computer to download his tunes into his phone. M told D that if Tigger goes with D tomorrow he is not to text us all day. Just because we have free texting, doesn’t mean we want our mailboxes filled up!

Well, I am going to post this then get ready for bed, I still have a few things to do first.


I had a headache yesterday so M. drove my car up to get Gwen, the snow had frozen solid, it was like ice. Stitch didn’t think Amy could make it over but the little girl did! But he and Fred forgot to throw ice melt on the patch of snow behind where I park my car so it was slippery and M. fell and hurt herself. She asked Fred if he could handle her not being at his concert, he said he understood but was sad she wouldn’t get to hear the whole band play Fire Dance.

Then before the concert, I stood to let someone in the aisle, my boots slipped on the floor I fell down on the seat and my hand went between the seat and the metal part that holds the seat in place. Fortunately, since I have a wee little hand, it didn’t get stuck, I just got a little cut on it and it is a little stiff tonight.

With this cold air though, I feel like I am coming down with bronchitis. I think I will make an appointment with Dr. Nejad tomorrow, if I remember.

Home today

I was not feeling at all good yesterday so I decided to stay home today and completely recover. Besides that it is COLD! Yikes. Poor little Amy is freezing her tires. I think I will have to drive her later, or at least turn her on and warm her up.

The garbage men left a mess in the road in front of our house. M called them idiots. I am in the living room on my computer waiting for the FedEx man. I will have to leave him a note if I leave.

M mentioned yesterday she might want me to go get Gwen. I will have to let her know I am ready and willing.

Talk to you later.

M and I have been e-mailing each other. Easier than calling sometimes. We both are going up to get Gwen, that means I have to get dressed. I am still waiting for the FedEx man. D ordered M’s new phone, an enV™ by LG and it is being shipped FedEx. Since I am home today I am waiting to see if it is delivered today. Right now I have to go take care of some personal stuff.


We had a snow storm Thursday. We had no meeting because of the Circuit Assembly this weekend. Well, there is a storm forecast for tonight into tomorrow, so they decided to not have tomorrows program, we are going next week. Unless we get another storm.

Thursday they let us go home early. There was a lot of snow by the time I got home, I had to drive really slow on the road, then I got stuck in the driveway, like always.

I went up to the Bed and Bath store to get a heating pack, it is very cold out. I got a big one and it made my shoulder feel so much better. I was afraid it would smell funny but it is not bad. I have to go upstairs now so I can have some hot cocoa.

I was going to say more but I can’t remember, I need to start taking notes on my life.

So I just retook the Tickle IQ test. It was the same as last time.

Hi all.

BT took that video of Butterscotch. Those are my feet in the flip flops. He thought it was really cool and wanted to watch it on my computer. He thought it took way to long to upload it to my blog though. Maybe so, but it is here so who cares?

I just helped M get a bunch of recipes from a Martha Stewart magazine. She did a lot of magazines, I did one. Then I had to come down here to get away for a minute, the rest on them are playing Monopoly and being really loud. I am listening to Phantom of the Opera (BT put it on my MP3 player) so I won’t hear whenever anyone calls me for dinner but I don’t really care right now.

Friday we saw Arsenic and Old Lace at the BHS theater, it was really good. D went and enjoyed the play but become ‘himself’ during the party after. The party was for cast and box ticket holders. Anyway we didn’t get home until after midnight because we had to clean up after the party.

Yesterday I took Gwen to Allsport and she wanted to get cards for her teachers so I took her to the mall there were lots of people there. All the things I wanted to get at Target they didn’t have. BT and Stitch wanted me to order computer games from Amazon for them. So I added them to my shopping cart and will order them Wednesday when I have money.

Wednesday I am also going to get a bottle of the new Lancôme perfume.

Going to bed now

It is very cold here. I just finished 3 online surveys. I really should be in bed I am going to be so tired tomorrow. I am so glad my eyes are feeling so much better. My right eye in particular. If you notice my picture, my eyes look shiny. Anyway, I should be able to wear eye makeup on Friday night for the play. I wish I had the money for that new perfume by Lancôme.