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Stuck at home

Because of the weather, I have been stuck at home for two days. I was so bored today I was breaking up the ice outside my door with a hammer. Then I was shoveling it all out with an little bitty blue snow shovel (it’s designed to fit in the truck of a car, that’s why it’s itty bitty).

Then I took a break to go to Dunkin Donuts. I guess that’s not exactly stuck in the house, but I consider myself stuck if I can’t drive my car anywhere. And I couldn’t.

Bored. I am not starting an ‘I was so bored . . .’ But I did clean the snow off the cars after I got back from Dunkin’ Donuts.

If I can’t get to work tomorrow, I will probably do damage to something or someone.



Very very cold yesterday. Very cold today. It also snowed.

I took some pictures of the puffer fish and sent them to Tigger. He loves our puffer fish. He thinks it is very cute.

I had my allergy shot and driving was bad, I slid across the road on the way home. I was so hungry. I didn’t really eat dinner. I had an asiago pretzel, a brownie, that’s all. I think I will either eat some cereal or go to bed.

I downloaded two more songs for Tigger. Yes I know, I am a sap. I paid for one and got the other with Pepsi points. I don’t mind because I usually put the songs on my MP3 player also.

I got ‘Brown Eyed Girl’ for my ringtone. I was tired of the other. Silly I know. Anyway, Tigger said I should get the whole song for my MP3 player.


I had a headache yesterday so M. drove my car up to get Gwen, the snow had frozen solid, it was like ice. Stitch didn’t think Amy could make it over but the little girl did! But he and Fred forgot to throw ice melt on the patch of snow behind where I park my car so it was slippery and M. fell and hurt herself. She asked Fred if he could handle her not being at his concert, he said he understood but was sad she wouldn’t get to hear the whole band play Fire Dance.

Then before the concert, I stood to let someone in the aisle, my boots slipped on the floor I fell down on the seat and my hand went between the seat and the metal part that holds the seat in place. Fortunately, since I have a wee little hand, it didn’t get stuck, I just got a little cut on it and it is a little stiff tonight.

With this cold air though, I feel like I am coming down with bronchitis. I think I will make an appointment with Dr. Nejad tomorrow, if I remember.