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Someone told me that you should be careful what you post. That person was right. How do I know this? Well he posted a comment on my blog about something I said about him! Tee Hee. It wasn’t a really bad thing I said, he probably doesn’t even know what I meant. Unfortunately it was on a Salada Tag Line post so I deleted it. I say unfortunately because now, no matter what I say, he will say I deleted it because he commented on it. However, if he looks to the right, he will see that I have a list of Salada Tag lines and that post was a temporary post until I got time to put it on my list.

I stayed home tonight, not feeling well, actually it was the timing of when I felt bad, now I don’t feel so bad. Not great though. But when I felt bad was when I was time to get dressed so I couldn’t get ready.

I still haven’t ordered more beads to make my necklace. I did renew my Medic Alert membership and order a new bracelet, one to wear on vacation since I don’t want to risk breaking and losing my beaded one. The one I ordered is teal on stainless steel.

Well I think I will go now.

Bye Bye Herman


I had a headache yesterday so M. drove my car up to get Gwen, the snow had frozen solid, it was like ice. Stitch didn’t think Amy could make it over but the little girl did! But he and Fred forgot to throw ice melt on the patch of snow behind where I park my car so it was slippery and M. fell and hurt herself. She asked Fred if he could handle her not being at his concert, he said he understood but was sad she wouldn’t get to hear the whole band play Fire Dance.

Then before the concert, I stood to let someone in the aisle, my boots slipped on the floor I fell down on the seat and my hand went between the seat and the metal part that holds the seat in place. Fortunately, since I have a wee little hand, it didn’t get stuck, I just got a little cut on it and it is a little stiff tonight.

With this cold air though, I feel like I am coming down with bronchitis. I think I will make an appointment with Dr. Nejad tomorrow, if I remember.

Home today

I was not feeling at all good yesterday so I decided to stay home today and completely recover. Besides that it is COLD! Yikes. Poor little Amy is freezing her tires. I think I will have to drive her later, or at least turn her on and warm her up.

The garbage men left a mess in the road in front of our house. M called them idiots. I am in the living room on my computer waiting for the FedEx man. I will have to leave him a note if I leave.

M mentioned yesterday she might want me to go get Gwen. I will have to let her know I am ready and willing.

Talk to you later.

M and I have been e-mailing each other. Easier than calling sometimes. We both are going up to get Gwen, that means I have to get dressed. I am still waiting for the FedEx man. D ordered M’s new phone, an enV™ by LG and it is being shipped FedEx. Since I am home today I am waiting to see if it is delivered today. Right now I have to go take care of some personal stuff.