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Someone told me that you should be careful what you post. That person was right. How do I know this? Well he posted a comment on my blog about something I said about him! Tee Hee. It wasn’t a really bad thing I said, he probably doesn’t even know what I meant. Unfortunately it was on a Salada Tag Line post so I deleted it. I say unfortunately because now, no matter what I say, he will say I deleted it because he commented on it. However, if he looks to the right, he will see that I have a list of Salada Tag lines and that post was a temporary post until I got time to put it on my list.

I stayed home tonight, not feeling well, actually it was the timing of when I felt bad, now I don’t feel so bad. Not great though. But when I felt bad was when I was time to get dressed so I couldn’t get ready.

I still haven’t ordered more beads to make my necklace. I did renew my Medic Alert membership and order a new bracelet, one to wear on vacation since I don’t want to risk breaking and losing my beaded one. The one I ordered is teal on stainless steel.

Well I think I will go now.

Bye Bye Herman


Thanksgiving Day

Of course I don’t celebrate this holiday but I am enjoying a day off. Watching Cold Case Files and being online. I ordered the parts for my car finally. I found them on Amazon.

I ordered beads because my Medic Alert bracelet broke. I also sent an e-mail to Medic Alert and I got an answer back that I can send it to them and they will replace it. I think I will order another bracelet so I have a spare in case this happens again, I have no idea how long that will take.

I also ordered beads to make a necklace. Spent a lot of money lately I know. Well I have to go now I am down to half power.

Obviously the plans to see Autumn Rush fell through. I am going to see where it is playing.