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I have already done a lot today, for me that is, I ate breakfast, went to Lily’s, forgot to stop at the library and put a load of clothes in the washer, as soon as it is done, I am hanging it up and then making some eggs cause I am hungry again! Well it is 11:00 and cereal never stays with me long. I finished Blue Diary, finally! I have to write a review, I have a lot to say about it. I thought it was a very good book. I listened to a little bit of Mortal Fear on my computer, I will finish listening to it on my MP3 player. The last time I tried listening to a book, it expired and I never got it from the library to read it, I just lost interest in it. My weight is up from last week, but it may be down before I weigh in, since it is down from yesterday. I will just be so careful today, which will be hard since I am going to a barbecue today. I will just have to do my best. Em wants to go shopping so we will probably leave early. And I just found out I have hall cleaning, so I will have to do that after I hang up my clothes and eat.

Well, I had to spin my clothes out again. So I didn’t get to the hall. I also didn’t know what time the barbecue was. I found out, I hung my clothes up. I brought the dry clothes in my room and threw them on my bed, I will take care of them later. My GPS wouldn’t turn on when I left for the barbecue so I was driving down the street looking for the road her house is on and didn’t know if I had passed it or not, so I turned off and around, I finally got the GPS on and put the wrong street in! By this time, Em was texting me, “Are you lost?” If I don’t use my GPS for a long time, it won’t turn on when I need it. Since I know this, I should turn it on the day before I need it. But I never remember this. Anyway, Em and I left the barbecue early, we weren’t having a good time, the food was awful and not a very good variety, and nothing to do, just sit around and talk, Stitch was getting antsy with the people and Gwen was still not feeling well. So we went home, Em and I went to Allsport, then the mall. We got makeup and I got a skirt at, duh, can’t remember, it was $10 originally $40. Now it is 1:30 am so I should get to bed, but before I do, watched the new show on BBC America called Primeval. Had a scary centipede on it, about 8 feet long and poisonous.


Nuthin’ much

I stayed up way to late last night. Got An Unfinished Life from the library and read it before I went to bed. I also got the movie, now I have two movies to watch and M got Freedom Writers from Netflix. I hope I get to watch it before they send it back. I have had a semi-productive day, I got the FOIL up to the Office of General Council and I got the rest of the websites written in my purple address book. Now I am going to write the e-mail addresses in there. That has been my day so far. I have another FOIL to do and file a bunch of DMRs.

I started Close to Home on the way home. Tonight was meeting and Tigger was texting me, Are you coming? After he and D and Gwen left. Then when I got there, he pouted when I didn’t sit next to them, sitting in the row in front. So I had to go back and sit with them. They left after the school was done. He did a good job. When he sings, his voice is deeper than when he talks.

M’s life

Yesterday when M picked me up she said, ‘my life could not get any weirder. When Dr. D got the report of my chest x-ray, my lungs are clear but I have a compression fracture in one of my thoracic vertebre. Huh? How did that happen? What is a compression fracture anyway?’ She says, ‘I am not going for anymore routine tests, they keep finding problems.’ She had a mammogram and they found a cyst, so now they have to drain it to see if any nasty things are hiding behind it. We are a little stressed right now. And Gwen and I are leaving for Washington in 3 weeks and 3 days! Bye bye.

I had a message all typed out and my phone crapped out on me. I can’t remember everything I said. Gwen has started texting me when she gets bored. I sent a text to Tigger but he hasn’t responded. Either he left school late or is tired of texting me. Which do you think it is? Me too.

OK when I finished that, I got a text from Tigger, but I said read later to the text and tried to send the e-mail, but it wouldn’t go. The mystery is solved and it wasn’t either of those things. It was raining and he didn’t want to get his phone wet.

Now who’s stupid

I went to this training. I took the subway, I walked the wrong way and got lost so I purchased a days worth of navigator, then it couldn’t find the address. I finally thought to put ‘Environ’ in and then it found the address, coming back was much easier. Now I am on the 7 train and hopefully it will get to GCT in time for the 5:50 train. I can’t decide if the hunger is better or worse then the pain from having to pee so bad. Tigger was sending me texts a little bit ago and now he has stopped. I have to go answer a text from Gwen.

Gwen told me to text M or Tigger what time I was getting home. At the time I had no idea because I was still on the 7 train. The reason I was able to be online when I was on the train is because the 7 is an elevated train. Anyway, I didn’t get home until 7:30 and M was too tired to go to the mall. Tomorrow night is the Mid-Hudson Orchestra Concert. I haven’t decided if I want to go to it or to Allsport.

After I got home and went downstairs and took my jeans off and sat in the bed under my blanket, M asks me if I will go get Gwen if D won’t. He didn’t, so I did. Now I just want to lie down and sleep. So I think I will.

Hi there

I haven’t read the thread so I don’t know if any BTers have gone to my new “crafting” blog. I will have to redo it with comments and descriptions about the different things on it. I thought I had more pictures than that. I think I do, they are just not digital, so I would have to scan them to put them in. I don’t feel like doing that. I could take pictures of some of the necklaces and things that I kept and didn’t take pictures of, maybe tonight. I should have taken pictures of more things.

Tomorrow M has planned to go to Woodbury Commons. I was thinking I could get some Crocs, but they don’t have a store there. I want some for my trip. I don’t want to get too many things before I go, I want my Mom to have the pleasure of buying me some things. 😉

Gwen’s phone came today. She has already sent some text messages. When I activated in the basement with my computer, I sent a text to Tigger from the phone, 1 minute later she was knocking on my door, “I want my phone!” She is very happy with it. She set up her signature, Princess { :), a tiara on top of her smiley face.

No more internet

So the boss cracked down. He is mainly worried about how things look for the Division of Water and himself, if Albany cracks down on improper internet use. Bah! He doesn’t know that I can blog without going on my blog, I just have to send an e-mail, like I’m doing now!

However, I have not been able to check the WW thread since this morning. Or my e-mail, I did check Verizon to see how much the enV will be for Gwen. It is $80. I suppose I will have to pay for part of it. Well, not have to, I think I will offer half if she still wants it. She wants it so she can send text messages. Just a couple months ago, she told me she didn’t like text messaging. Well, I guess Tigger changed that for her.

I told M about the phone and how much and she is paying for it. So I ordered it. It will be here Friday, then I need to activate it and register it so the coverage is in effect. I am not ordering that nice of a phone and not insuring it.

Well, haven’t had dinner yet so I will go do that now. I am wearing the French Terry Skirt and it is as long as I thought it would be and comfortable.

New Kitty

Well, the kitty’s name is now Abby. She is really a nice cat. She stayed in all day yesterday and last night and seems perfectly content. She used the litter box M got for her. Stitch said she kept him up with her purring, then when she started to cry he petted her and Sassy hit him in the head. Tigger sent me a text when I was on the train that she almost woke D up. Then he says ‘not good’. It will be next.

“abby almost woke up daddy
not good”

I have been putting in Pepsi points. M has been giving them to me. She has been asking for the Rainbow song. Some group has redone, “Over the Rainbow” a group called The Hawaiian Rainbow Singers. Anyway, I downloaded it last night. She doesn’t have an MP3 player right now, so I put it on her phone for her. It sounds better on her phone than mine. Anyway, I think that is all I have to say for now. Except I am mad at the Booktalk posters.

ho hum

So today I took Gwen to Blockbuster, she only spent $30 dollars on photography supplies so she was allowed to get a movie. She got some weirdo movies. I got Water and Waitress. I watched Water. I might buy it, I really liked it. Had a cute guy in it that was also nice. I don’t know when I will watch Waitress. I have the movie for a week, so maybe next weekend. I wish there was a way I could check online when the movies are due like you do with the books from the library.

Anyway, it wasn’t a concert last night it was an opera. Stitch really liked it. It was in Italian so I didn’t understand it, but they had a synopsis in the program so I knew what was going on. The music and singing was very good. During the intermission, M., Stitch, Tigger and I were sending text messages to each other.

More snippets

Hi there my message yesterday got cut off because I had to many characters. Now I forgot what I was going to say. Something about DMR’s, this one got cut off to, not as soon cause I took out the “Bella >^. .^<"

Notes from yesterday

Tigger said he would help me, now he is bailing on me.

I wanted to go to Target to check prices on things I found on Amazon.com. Tigger came with me, he wanted to go to Best Buy.

He couldn’t find what he wanted at Best Buy, so he asked to go to Circuit City. I wanted to go home, I told him, I have to get my garbage together and I want to do that before it gets late. He said he would help me. So we went to Circuit City.

When we got home and I said I was going to take care of my garbage, he ran upstairs. I hollered after him, “You said you would help me!” Still no Tigger.

After I got it all in the bag I sent him a text message, “U said u would help me if I took u to Circuit City. I need your help now.” So he came downstairs and put it in the garbage can outside for me.