So the boss cracked down. He is mainly worried about how things look for the Division of Water and himself, if Albany cracks down on improper internet use. Bah! He doesn’t know that I can blog without going on my blog, I just have to send an e-mail, like I’m doing now!

However, I have not been able to check the WW thread since this morning. Or my e-mail, I did check Verizon to see how much the enV will be for Gwen. It is $80. I suppose I will have to pay for part of it. Well, not have to, I think I will offer half if she still wants it. She wants it so she can send text messages. Just a couple months ago, she told me she didn’t like text messaging. Well, I guess Tigger changed that for her.

I told M about the phone and how much and she is paying for it. So I ordered it. It will be here Friday, then I need to activate it and register it so the coverage is in effect. I am not ordering that nice of a phone and not insuring it.

Well, haven’t had dinner yet so I will go do that now. I am wearing the French Terry Skirt and it is as long as I thought it would be and comfortable.