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There is now proof that the Green Train is an instrument of Satan. There is a big picture of a girl with butterflies coming out of her mouth and everyone knows butterflies are evil. Well, my best friend will tell you butterflies are evil.

Actually it is just an ad for a movie coming out August 30 called “Possession”. Can you picture the audition for the girl?

‘So can you roll your eyes back into your head? Let’s see. No all the way back, now spit out butterflies!’


New York, NY Slideshow

One of the reasons I hesitated moving this blog to WordPress was because I couldn’t put my slideshow in this blog. However, I just discovered the “Make a Movie” edit in Picasa, where you make your album into a movie, then upload it to YouTube.

So here it is, my pictures from New York City from last year. O.K. there are few pretty pictures from where I live.

>A Social Network

>In case you’ve been living under a rock, “A Social Network” is a movie about Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin, the founders/creators of Facebook. No this is not a review of the movie.

I went to see A Social Network with my best friend’s (who I have been living with for the last 20+ years) 3 boys. The opening scene is Mark Zuckerberg in a bar with the girl he was dating, less then 5 minutes into this scene, Nick leans over and says, “This guy (Mark Zuckerberg) is an asshole.” I replied, “No, he has Asperger’s Syndrome.” Nick replies, “Yes he does, he’s worse than dad and Andrew.” Pauses “But he’s still a dick.”

How much of an Aspie is Mark Zuckerberg? He’s a billionaire and he still can’t get a date, of course I would date him, but I love aspies(my friend pointed that wasn’t the only thing, he’s also a billionaire and I have no ethics, maybe so, but because I understand aspies, I would last more than one date). I just saw it again with the friend whose children I took the first time. The whole way through the movie she kept saying, “That’s my husband.”

When I first thought of doing this post, it was because I read a tweet about a man (referred to as an autism father, I assume that means he is a father with a child with autism) who said, “Let me tell you how it is.” Even though I am not a parent, I know there is a fallacy in that statement. Even in the exact same situation there are differences in persons with the same disorder. The friend I mentioned above has 4 children, her husband has Asperger’s Syndrome. Her oldest son and daughter have Asperger’s Syndrome combined with Bi-polar disorder. Her middle son has ADHD and the youngest has ADHD with Bi-polar disorder. It’s a fun house to live in. All are different even though all have the same home situation.

Her oldest was talking at 10 months old. He would line up his cars in a ruler straight line. At 18 months old his favorite video was a documentary about whales, he would watch it every day. He would tell people facts about whales. Such as what they ate, the fact they don’t have teeth, which whale is the largest in the world. Even today as an adult he has trouble with colloquial expressions. My friend told him to run the vacuum. He stood there wondering, where she wanted him to run the vacuum to. We were watching a T.V. show and one of the characters ordered food with extra raw onions. He asked how to get onions to be extra raw? I explained to him, he means an extra amount of onions.

Her daughter on the other hand, didn’t speak, wouldn’t make eye contact and didn’t like to be touched. She still doesn’t. Unless she was obsessed and fixated on something, we had no idea if she liked something.

All growing up with identical situations, all different. So you should never say, “I’ll tell you what’s it’s like.” or judge someone else based on your life experiences. We are all different.

Music and a Movie

October was kind of a busy month. Of course since the Yankees are not playing in the World Series, I will be able to pay more attention to this blog. To read about what’s being going on with me and the Yankees, check out my other blog: The Foxx Loves the Yankees

Em, Tigger, Fred and I went to see Lifehouse at The Roseland Ballroom. It was standing room only, which I had never been too. Here is how it works. You have to get there about a zillion hours before the doors open and stand in line. Then you come in and find a place to stand for the concert. I noticed that there were benches built along the wall, so Em and I went and secured a seat. We took turns getting drinks and going to the bathroom. The bathroom was pretty incredible, there was the door in, then a room to the left with stalls and a room to the right with couches, tables and mirrors. When I told Em, she said, “This place used to be a disco, they needed a place to snort their cocaine.” I believed her since the room was not lighted enough to put on makeup. The music was great, bottle of water was $3. There was a couple standing in front of us that should have gotten a room. Really.

The other thing we did was go to see the movie The Social Network. I took the boys and Em, D and Gwen went to see Secretariat. After about a minute and a half, I leaned over to Tigger, he whispered to me, “This guy is a a**hole.” I replied, “No he has aspergers syndrome.” Total social awkwardness, and when he was a billionaire and could buy anything he wanted, he spent all his time programing and updating the Facebook site. I thought The Social Network was good enough to see again, in fact I might go see it with Em next weekend. The boys said, “It was o.k.”.

So now I am trying to adjust to life without baseball, and back to blogging here and on my book review blog.

>I promise to not

>blog anymore about the Yankees. As soon as they win the World Series that is. And I won’t post any more about them until baseball season starts again. This is not a sports blog! Here is a link to a post game interview clip. I am posting the link instead of embedding the video because I know not everyone is interested. But for those who are: YouTube.

I stayed home last night, my cold feels like it is becoming a sinus infection, and I watched the game. Well, I sort of watched the game. I had it on while I was watching Wolverine. I liked it o.k., not as much as the kids I think. Boston plays tonight against the Angels in Los Angeles. I had more to say, not about baseball, but now I can’t remember.

>I shouldn’t have been so hard

>on my boys, saying they didn’t know how to win against Tampa Bay. Yesterday the score was Yankees 10, TB 2 – and Alex, oh now I love Alex. I mean Derek is still my Sweetie Face Honey Pie, but this week I love Alex. 7 runs batted in, in one inning! So now to the playoffs and the World Series.

Last night I downloaded Wolverine and I can’t decide if I want to watch it first thing when I get home or go get a DVD so I can burn it and watch it on my DVD player on my way to work. Tigger has already watched it. Actually the very first thing I have to do is clean that stinky litterbox. Phew! That will actually determine if I go to Target before I watch any movie.

Please save a tree, reduce waste. Print e-mails only when necessary.

>Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

>Saw this with Gwen. Night before Snow Patrol concert. Probably not the best idea since I didn’t have my clothes packed yet. HA

We saw it in 3D. I love 3D, this was the first time I saw 3D in the theater. It was so cool.

>After the game and today

>I am still behind on my posting. Sometimes I think I will never catch up. So we didn’t go home right after the game. I mean we weren’t planning on it, even though Em was up at 3:00 a.m. to come to the Today Show so Tigger and Fred could see Rob Thomas. Em had to tell me what her ‘brilliant’ son did. He was in the men’s room and the drummer comes in, asks him how he enjoyed the show and he says, “It was fine.” ARGGG! Fred was like, “YOU IDIOT!” Tigger said he didn’t recognize him. Em told him, to study the faces of the Fray so if that happens when we come down he won’t make the same goof.

Anyway, after the game we took the subway to Columbus Circle and then walked around Central Park, then we started down to Grand Central. We were on 7th because according to my notebook, there is a Yankee store on 7th Ave and I wanted to get some Yankee stuff. Like a red Yankee Cap(more on that later). Well we didn’t see it and according to SuperPages, it isn’t there anymore. But before we got to where it was supposed to be, we stopped for dinner. It was a nice little Italian restaurant called Trattoria Dell’arte, they had this cute little wrappers around their napkins with their name on the inside and we got to sit outside. So we had a nice dinner even if I didn’t get to the Yankee Store, that wasn’t there.
Today I took the kids to see Ice Age. I left them at the theater and I went shopping. I found the MLB store in the mall, it had jerseys, but they were huge, I think the smallest was x-large. Then I found the Lids Store and got a red cap. You see, the Yankee’s wore red caps at the game. I realize now it was for the 4th of July. I still wanted a red one. So I got one, rather expensive, and after I bought it and left the store, I realized it was wool, so I had to return it. I ended up with the game day hat, which is not wool, more expensive, and I didn’t like it as much. I might return it too. It is in the bag in my hatch until I decide.
The rest of today I just wanted to sit on my bed and read and play online, Tigger kept bugging me, to go driving, to go get him candy. Well, now it is bedtime and I still haven’t written my review.

>Busy busy

>Last Friday we went to see The Fray, Jack’s Mannequin also performed. It was a good show, with a cute bald guy in tight pants. He was one of the lead singers, and the pianist. It was in NJ, the other option was Connecticut. We got home at 1 or 2 a.m. I can’t remember.

Saturday we got up early, Em found a theater playing the Narrows. So we went to see it, then took the subway back to Manhattan to look for a fabric store, by the time we got there it was closed. So we stopped at Marie Belle for chocolate, then took a cab back to Annie Moore’s. My knee was bothering me and we were both kind of tired from two long days. I know that sounds like we didn’t do much, I guess we didn’t, just kind of walked around in the rain, bought umbrellas and you know, just kind of hung out.

>Star Trek Movie SPOILERS

>I know some of you are tired of my posts about Star Trek, this is the last one I promise. Maybe.

If you have not seen the movie and are planning to see it, PLEASE, do not read any further! The rest of this post may contain spoilers.

Cause I saw the movie and have some things I want to say, I belong to a Star Trek Forum and we have been discussing the movie. Most of us like it, the following is what I said about it.

A question and some thoughts.

  • First the question, I thought Orions were green skinned with dark hair, but the female in the movie was a red head (which looked really bad by the way) so am I wrong or was this a mistake?
  • Spock is having an affair with Uhura! Wow, didn’t see that one coming.
  • I thought Sulu’s sword was totally kickass. He pulled it out and it telescoped out, very cool, and I am not the only one who thought so.
  • I also thought it was very unsporting of him to stab that guy in the back, but he was a bad guy and trying to kill Kirk so I got over it (real fast). I also said this to Gwen, about it being unsporting. She gave me this “Get real.” look.
  • I loved the trademark expressions, Dr. McKoy, “I’m a doctor Jim!”, Mr. Scott, “I’m givin’ ya all she’s got Capt’n!”
  • I covered my face during the bug scene (so I wouldn’t scream like a little girl). Those who have seen the movie know what I am talking about, those who don’t but are Star Trek fans and are reading this despite my warnings, remember the Wrath of Khan? O.K. now you know what I am talking about.
  • One of my favorite lines: I want to explain this scene, the Romulan (bad guy), who is bigger and stronger then humans, has Kirk by the throat, he is saying how weak and puny humans are, “You can’t even speak.” Kirk is trying to say something, so the Romulan (who is smirking this whole time) eases up so Kirk can speak and Kirk says: “I got your gun.” I’m sure I don’t have to say what happens next. Exit bad guy.
  • I still want to snog Spock. I posted on the forum the day Leonard Nimoy was on the Today Show that Ann Curry hugged him and I was jealous. Of course someone asked, “Of Ann Curry?” I replied Yes then I added, “I would not pass up a chance to snog Spock.” Therefore, this is why after seeing the movie I said I still want to.