>In case you’ve been living under a rock, “A Social Network” is a movie about Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin, the founders/creators of Facebook. No this is not a review of the movie.

I went to see A Social Network with my best friend’s (who I have been living with for the last 20+ years) 3 boys. The opening scene is Mark Zuckerberg in a bar with the girl he was dating, less then 5 minutes into this scene, Nick leans over and says, “This guy (Mark Zuckerberg) is an asshole.” I replied, “No, he has Asperger’s Syndrome.” Nick replies, “Yes he does, he’s worse than dad and Andrew.” Pauses “But he’s still a dick.”

How much of an Aspie is Mark Zuckerberg? He’s a billionaire and he still can’t get a date, of course I would date him, but I love aspies(my friend pointed that wasn’t the only thing, he’s also a billionaire and I have no ethics, maybe so, but because I understand aspies, I would last more than one date). I just saw it again with the friend whose children I took the first time. The whole way through the movie she kept saying, “That’s my husband.”

When I first thought of doing this post, it was because I read a tweet about a man (referred to as an autism father, I assume that means he is a father with a child with autism) who said, “Let me tell you how it is.” Even though I am not a parent, I know there is a fallacy in that statement. Even in the exact same situation there are differences in persons with the same disorder. The friend I mentioned above has 4 children, her husband has Asperger’s Syndrome. Her oldest son and daughter have Asperger’s Syndrome combined with Bi-polar disorder. Her middle son has ADHD and the youngest has ADHD with Bi-polar disorder. It’s a fun house to live in. All are different even though all have the same home situation.

Her oldest was talking at 10 months old. He would line up his cars in a ruler straight line. At 18 months old his favorite video was a documentary about whales, he would watch it every day. He would tell people facts about whales. Such as what they ate, the fact they don’t have teeth, which whale is the largest in the world. Even today as an adult he has trouble with colloquial expressions. My friend told him to run the vacuum. He stood there wondering, where she wanted him to run the vacuum to. We were watching a T.V. show and one of the characters ordered food with extra raw onions. He asked how to get onions to be extra raw? I explained to him, he means an extra amount of onions.

Her daughter on the other hand, didn’t speak, wouldn’t make eye contact and didn’t like to be touched. She still doesn’t. Unless she was obsessed and fixated on something, we had no idea if she liked something.

All growing up with identical situations, all different. So you should never say, “I’ll tell you what’s it’s like.” or judge someone else based on your life experiences. We are all different.