>Saturday Em and I were back in the city for our bi-weekly trip. This time I remembered my camera so I have pictures to post.

First we wandered through Bryant Park’s Holiday shops. Lots of cool and pretty stuff.

There was a sign that said, “Snap a pic and post on Facebook.” So I did, if you look on my Facebook you’ll see it. Then I realized they meant for you to post on THEIR Facebook. Oops.

Then we went to Sabrina’s so Em could get her nails done, we were surprised, the scaffolding around their building is gone. Amy said it had been up for two years. Looks so different, but you can see the sign in their window now.

The trees have lost their leaves.

Ashley said this place has some amazing artists. It is on St. Marks Place which is where the restaurant we were going to is.

Our next stop was Kaia House, ‘organic skin, body, baby, men, hair, make-up, pet. Click on the picture to go to their website. I bought some eye cream. It is fabulous.

Then we went to see Ashley at Maria Tash on Broadway in NoHo. If you click on the picture and then zoom it, you can see the sign for her store at the very bottom. After stopping at Starbucks and waiting ‘forevah’ for a latte, I was there. Of course Em was already there, waiting and pissed cause my phone battery was dead so she couldn’t yell at me.

Then we headed up Broadway to GCT. Did some shopping on the way, we both had coupons. She got a skirt and I got a pair of jeans at the Gap.

It was a long tiring but fun day.