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>This Week

>Started out with a blizzard.

By the time the snow stopped falling we were left with this. We were in Newburgh for our assembly. They sent us home an hour early. Driving home across the bridge there was not a lot of snow falling, but the visibility was very bad. Monday morning Stitch sent me a text saying the car was buried and we weren’t going anywhere. So I went back to bed.

The next day I went to work. The train was extremely crowded and every time it stopped, it took about 5 minutes to start up. Or at least that what it seemed like. It took me two hours to get to Grand Central Terminal. So even though I was on the early train, I was still late to work. This is the turnstile coming out of the Vernon and Jackson subway station. This is two flights down from the door to the outside. Someone looked at it and saw an MTA fail, I was thinking it showed how hard the wind was blowing in the city. You can understand why snow kept blowing over the tracks.

These are the stairs, not the stairs that lead to the outside, this is the bottom flight of stairs, and they are at a right angle to the stairs that come down from the street. That was some snow we got.

MetroNorth was running a Saturday schedule, I got to GCT with about 20 minutes before the train and was wondering if I should get a snack and a drink, but decided I would go straight to the train. That turned out to be the best thing I could have done. I got a seat next to the wall with a man. As I watched I noticed the 3 seater were filling up, with 3 people in almost every seat. Then in the center area where the doors are, people were standing. It was so crowded, I couldn’t believe it. From what Bob said, the LIRR was worse, I heard “train from HELL” more then once.

Wednesday I was off work, but that wasn’t the end of the drama, Tuesday night Butterscotch’s ear started bleeding, like it had before, but this time the kids couldn’t get it to stop. So Em asked me if I would loan her the money to take him to the vet. The boys stayed up all night trying to keep the blood splatters down. In the morning it was Sarah and my turn. Sarah got tired of holding him and wondered if we could put him in the box, we didn’t have a cat carrier so we had to use a box. That was easier, but someone had to sit there and keep him in it. So yes there is a cat in the box.

Here is our kitty, who tried to bite and scratch the vet, so they put him under to examine him. $192 dollars later we found out he was fine. Just needs drops in his ears so they don’t get dry and itchy. Have you ever watched a cat coming out of anesthesia? It is so funny. He fell down the stairs and Tigger ran down to check him and the cat was looking at him like, “Dude, I’m fine, what’s your problem?”

So the cat was taken care of. I had to get prescriptions filled to the tune of $120 and the sidewalk is still not shoveled.

>This is not a new blog I know, I have writing here for 4 years and I have made 1,160 entries. But if you look at my archives, which you don’t have to ’cause I’m going to tell you. Last year (2009) I had over 400 entries, this year I had less then 200. I don’t know why exactly. Maybe I have been spreading myself too thin with Facebook and Twitter etc.

It has got to stop, I like writing and the more I write the more I have to say. I always thought that if I wrote down everything I thought about, eventually I would run out of things to say. The exact opposite happens, as I write, more thoughts come to me. So I have come to the decision to get back to writing here. My goal is to try at least a post a day. I am trying to start today, because if I start tomorrow, that would make it a New Year’s Resolution and I don’t do those.

>This has been a stressful year. I am not sure I am ready to welcome 2011, but I am definitely ready to say goodbye to 2010.

On the surface things didn't look too bad, but the underlying stresses of the many things that happened have taken their toll and I am tired. My best friend's husband had surgery for prostate cancer. She's my best friend so what affects her affects me.

Plus she had her own health problems and possibility of surgery to remove a goiter. She didn't have to have it, but my sister-in-law did. Of course no one in my family could be bothered to tell me until after the fact.

Then the governor said he wanted to lay people off. Then he said he wouldn't, then he said 'surprise! I was just kidding we are going to fire people.' Does anybody wonder why I made the hashtag 'govdaveisanidiot'?

This year is over and I am more than ready to say goodbye to 2010. I only hope and pray that 2011 is kinder to us. By us I mean me and all my friends who suffered in 2010.

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