>This is not a new blog I know, I have writing here for 4 years and I have made 1,160 entries. But if you look at my archives, which you don’t have to ’cause I’m going to tell you. Last year (2009) I had over 400 entries, this year I had less then 200. I don’t know why exactly. Maybe I have been spreading myself too thin with Facebook and Twitter etc.

It has got to stop, I like writing and the more I write the more I have to say. I always thought that if I wrote down everything I thought about, eventually I would run out of things to say. The exact opposite happens, as I write, more thoughts come to me. So I have come to the decision to get back to writing here. My goal is to try at least a post a day. I am trying to start today, because if I start tomorrow, that would make it a New Year’s Resolution and I don’t do those.