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My very first post

From my new apartment that is. I know I have posted before about my apartment, but this is me sitting on my new couch/bed looking at the rest of my stuff (but not all my stuff, forgot things in the old place still). All my furniture is here, mostly new, a few old small things I wanted to keep. I am pretty happy with how things are right now.

Of course now I have to go out and do some more shopping. at least now when I’m done, I don’t have a long ride back home.


Mine, Mine, Mine

My boss and I were talking about moving the other day. He has recently purchased a house and moved. He was telling me about when he was moving in and had to stop to get something to eat, so he heated something up in the microwave and ate it. As he was sitting and eating it, he had the thought, this is home now.

Today Em and I came down to the city, she had a nail appointment, I had a suitcase and some bags with stuff in them. The furniture store was delivering the stuff I had bought so we needed to be there. Em went to get her nails done, I went to the apartment to put things away, then I closed the window, locked the door and headed for the stairs. As I walked down the hallway I thought, “This is my hallway, these are my stairs, I’m home now.”

Last night we figured out that Stitch will only have to take me to the train station six more times.

In less then two weeks I’ll be in my apartment in Manhattan. I am so not ready, damn this heat! I can’t stay downstairs and pack when it’s this hot.

This is not how I planned it. I haven’t even got a bed yet.

Free baseball

As I type this post I am watching the Rays vs Red Sox game. It is the 13th inning and the score is …. 0-0. When I turned it on the bases were loaded for the Red Sox with no outs, yes they did not score.

I really shouldn’t still be up watching this but since I need to type a blog post I am. Then when I go to bed I have to clean off my bed because we were once again cleaning and packing. I am still working on my bedroom. I have not even gotten to my other room. I am such a loser.

Some days things happen that make me feel totally useless or worthless, whatever word you prefer to use. Just had the 400th pitch of the game. Today was one of those days. I haven’t decided if I really want to say what happened, but I was pretty upset after, I’m not upset now. I will just say I am glad I am not going to see certain people again.

and again today

more cleaning, more packing, more feeling like crap.

It is so hard to think about what to take and what to leave, what you need and what you don’t, and what to do with the stuff you don’t need.

The stress is building, so I just keep reminding myself of the benefits of moving, the shorter commute, my own space. More sleep, more sleep, more sleep.

instead of writing a blog post I went upstairs to watch the game. So now instead of being ahead of the number of posts I need to catch up I have fallen behind again.

Part of the problem is trying to balance everything, cleaning (which involves deciding what to take and what to get rid of), packing (what can I pack now and what do I need), with all the things I want to keep up, watching baseball and typing blog posts. So when I get asked to go upstairs to watch that means everything get pushed back and messed up and it kind of annoys me. I could say no, but I don’t ….

Pretty soon, my time will be my own, I will be able to spend all evening on my computer if I want all by myself. Can’t wait.

Signed the lease

One step closer, Monday I signed the lease for my new apartment and paid the first and last months rent. I still have to get the security deposit to them and the real estate agent’s fee, meet the landlord, order a security lock, get the electric and cable in my name and move in.

Whew. Still a lot to do, and not a lot of time.

A rather disturbing development, Con Edison has been reporting power outages in my soon to be new neighborhood. They think due to the heat.


Metro North ~ sigh ~

As I was waiting for the train this morning, I suddenly realized that after I move, I will be able to leave for work an hour later then I am currently.

Going home, having to change trains, which I knew would happen because they put us on an all electric train, and then a child screaming, which normally doesn’t bother me but the electric trains make me motion sick, I thought, this also will not happen.

So I wonder, all these years I have not minded commuting by MetroNorth. Now all of a sudden, it starts to annoy me.

Another step

Today I met the real estate agent, I filled out forms, I looked at 4 apartments. Two I liked, one was o.k. and the 4th was a definite “NO”.

One of the ones I liked already had an application on it, the other one, I filled out an application, paid my fee for the credit check and put a deposit down. My credit is actually pretty good, big surprise there.

Now I am waiting to see if I got accepted.

Still terrified, and now coming up with new things to worry about, like: it’s a 4th floor walk-up, how will I get a bed up there? How will I get my blue desk (the one that has my computer stuff on it) into the apartment? There are other things that terrify me about moving. I’m saving them for my next post.

Last night I subscribed to a service to get an apartment. This is a huge move for me, I have been living with someone for over 20 years. So not only am I moving to a new city, I am going to be living alone.

Today I got an e-mail, actually I got two, I kind of did the wrong thing, but anyway I have appointment tomorrow and I might actually look at some apartments.

So right now I am excited, nervous and positively terrified.