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Before anyone jumps all over my shit, I know my definition of a bad day is nowhere near as bad as some people’s bad day. Some people have cancer, some people are abused, some people are homeless, have no healthcare, have no friends, voted for Trump and now realize he lied to them. OK that last group I have lost all sympathy for. If you are stupid enough to believe his lies, you deserve all the pain you get.

Whew. Today started good, no work, so no getting up early, in fact I didn’t get up to lunchtime. That’s when the shit hit the fan. It look like I had spilled coffee on my kitchen counter, but to the left of my sink and my coffee maker is to the right of my sink. Then I smelled the liquid and it smelled like vinegar, but I don’t have vinegar in my apartment because I am allergic to it. Then I thought, maybe I spilled beer, you know, maybe I poured a glass of beer, didn’t drink it and when I poured it out I missed the sink (could happen right?), so I started to clean it up, picking up the things on my counter and rinsing them and mopping up the spill, then I noticed it was all over the wall, and on the underside of my cabinets! What the actual FUCK happened here?

I had been boiling water to cook pasta for my lunch. I turned off the water, I cleared off my table, moved everything from my counters to the table and washed the counters and my wall. The liquid seemed to be coming from behind my kitchen cabinets. I looked above them and there were no stains so it wasn’t coming from the apartment above. That leaves only one explanation. Demons. My apartment is possessed by demons. I briefly considered calling my landlord, but decided against it.

Then I got diarrhea, while doing my laundry.


Part of an hour

Forty-five minutes is all I have left of today, and I have nothing to say. No commuting nightmares this morning, so homicidal thoughts today (well at least not as many as usual), no shopping disasters (unless you call not being able to find a Bill’s hat anywhere) and so nothing to write about.

This makes posting daily difficult. I am making an effort, but at the same time I don’t want to write the same boring thing over and over. I need work in creating an interesting post out of nothing. But today was just, go to work, then go shopping for a calendar and pens.

The State doesn’t buy us calendars. Their reason (that they gave us) is that we have a calendar in our e-mail program and we can print off a daily page if we need. The problem I have is you can’t take your computer in the field with you, and I doubt this idiots can figure out how to print a page from their calendar when I have problems doing it.

One of the guys was asking about not getting a calendar, “Really? Are you effing kidding me? We haven’t gotten calendars in a few year, you’re just now noticing?” So that is why I was buying calendars this evening, not for him, for me. While I was buying a calendar for my office, I decided it might be a good idea to buy one for my apartment. So before I go hang it up, I am going to check my Google calendar to see if I need to write anything on it.

Coffee grounds

When I moved into my apartment I bought a Keurig. I figured it would pay for itself with the money I would save by not stopping at Starbucks every morning. I was buying K-cups for a while, then decided to get a filter. I just started using the filter this week.

The coffee was more then I expected but when I figured out the price per cup, I would save 40¢ a cup. Now I had the problem of what to do with the coffee grounds, since with the K-cups you just toss them out.

After doing some extensive research (I went to ask.com and typed in ‘Coffee grounds down the drain’) I discovered that some people said you shouldn’t dump grounds in the drain, others said they had been doing for years with no problem, a couple of plumbers said, go ahead and dump grounds down the drain (Ka-ching!). I live in an apartment and am probably not the only one drinking coffee so I wouldn’t be the only suspect, but it wouldn’t be very nice.

As for putting them in the garden (did I mention I live in a 4th floor walk-up?) I don’t have a garden, I don’t even have a window box, I don’t even know if my landlord would allow me to have a window box. My boss suggested I save them and put them in a park, but I am a little shy.

However the real problem is how to get them out of the filter without just rinsing them out and down the drain. This morning I ended up putting a paper towel in the sink over the drain and filtering them that way. I will have to settle for keeping as much as I can out of the drain.

Trying to catch up

Today is my off day so I am trying to catch up. I have caught up with my Yankee blog, but that is easy since I am writing a post for every game and I just have to look up the games on MLB.com. This blog is my life, which right now is rather boring.

Earlier I was walking around my apartment and looked out the window, it looked like something was stuck to my fire escape. When I walked closer to my window I saw it was a little bird, a chickadee I think. I ran to get my camera, hoping he would still be there when I got back and I could get a picture. I got several pictures. He didn’t even fly away when I put my face up to the window and started talking to him, just hopped to the other side of the fire escape.

Now I have to go, I do have things to do, I plan on being back tomorrow to write more.

Mine, Mine, Mine

My boss and I were talking about moving the other day. He has recently purchased a house and moved. He was telling me about when he was moving in and had to stop to get something to eat, so he heated something up in the microwave and ate it. As he was sitting and eating it, he had the thought, this is home now.

Today Em and I came down to the city, she had a nail appointment, I had a suitcase and some bags with stuff in them. The furniture store was delivering the stuff I had bought so we needed to be there. Em went to get her nails done, I went to the apartment to put things away, then I closed the window, locked the door and headed for the stairs. As I walked down the hallway I thought, “This is my hallway, these are my stairs, I’m home now.”