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Calling all photogs

There is no rhyme or reason for my photos, I just shoot what interests me.
There are a lot of playgrounds in the city.

I had no idea what this was, so I googled it and you can click on the link to read about it, or you can google Tudor City like I did.

There is a lot of tile work in the subway. Most of it is the name of the station, sometimes it is a picture. This is at the 96th and Lexington subway stop (or maybe the 110th, I’m not really sure). If you look closely, you can see that the man is wearing a NY Yankee baseball cap.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

I was just going to get the picture from my parents 50 wedding anniversary party and post it, my family, than I read: family means something different to everyone. Find a picture that means family to you and share!

Someone once said, friends are the family you pick, so here is my hand picked family, the boys who pick on me terribly, but would flatten anyone who hurt me, the girl who never tells me to ‘act my age’ and of course the cats. The cats would be mad if I excluded them after all the hair they left all over my clothes. My niece who cried because I left before her slumber party so I couldn’t come to it and made me promise, the next time you come visit ….. except I haven’t been back, the rest of the family, well, I wouldn’t pick them to be my family.

Heat wave

We are in the middle of a heat wave. I don’t like the heat. Today it seemed to be slowing the train down, not only that but the A.C. didn’t seem to be working, however it was not blowing out hot air so it was bearable. The car I was on seemed to populated with very loud children. In realty there were only about 2 or 3 of them, but they were really loud. It was very annoying. The mom had an iPhone, the screen was cracked and she didn’t seem to care. I almost cried.

During the day I was e-mailing Em about packing everything and how I kept finding things I had forgotten I had, and that I was ‘pretty lame’. She reminded me I am packing up 22 years of my life. I will get through this, or I’ll have a heart attack and die. Actually if this heat lasts much longer I’ll probably die.

This evening I went on Craig’s list and listed a bunch of stuff to sell. It probably won’t move, but it’s worth a try.

And that’s all, she says.

Coconut oil

Recently there was an article in the NY Times, Once a Villain, Coconut Oil Charms the Health Food World, you can click on the link to read the article in full but in summary, at one time coconut oil was considered to be very bad for you, containing more saturated fat then butter, lard or beef tallow. It was the reason movie theater popcorn was so bad for you, because it was popped in coconut oil. Recently however, its been available in the health food stores and the attitude toward coconut oil is changing. Apparently, the studies were done on partially hydrogenated coconut oil, we all know any hydrogenated oil is not good for you. But virgin coconut oil isn’t so bad for you.

The article goes on to talk about how not all saturated fats are considered equal and while its uncertain if coconut oil, like olive oil, is good for you, in small amounts it is not bad for you.

However many good things might be said about coconut oil, I still won’t eat foods made with it, I like breathing better. Air in and air out is good, no air in and no air out is bad, very bad. This brings up two concerns of mine about coconut. First of all, coconut is not a very common allergy, so while you can look at the list of ingredients and at the bottom of the list in bold print, is whether or not the product contains, peanuts, wheat, milk, soy or tree nuts, coconut is not mentioned. Which brings me to my second concern, why don’t people consider coconut a nut? Doesn’t it have nut right in the name? And that tall thing it grows on, isn’t it called a palm tree? It makes me wonder where this woman’s head is:

Elizabeth Schuler, who writes the blog mycommunaltable.com, started baking with coconut oil after her son’s severe allergies to tree nuts, eggs and dairy were diagnosed. She searched out vegan recipes and was surprised by the number that relied on margarine and Crisco, a no-go as far as she was concerned.

This means I have to be super vigilant about coconut, it helps that I know what foods are likely to have it in them, Lindt Truffles, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, Girl Scout Cookies, other high end chocolates, Häagen-Dazs® chocolate covered ice cream bars, some fudge ice cream toppings and some soft serve ice cream. And I read the labels, all the labels, every little ingredient.

Like I said, I like breathing, a lot.

Since this blog is about my life, I can make this post about anything I want. Pulled an all nighter? Well when I worked nights, I don’t think that is what they are talking about. Watching Bones on Hulu.com?

When I flew out to Washington State because my nephew was seriously ill, I think I was up for hours, I went from work straight to the airport, the flight out of Buffalo was delay, thunderstorms in Chicago. Where I was changing planes, then we almost didn’t make it to Chicago. My flight out of Chicago was delayed also, I don’t remember how many hours. Then straight from the airport in Seattle to the hospital. I don’t remember if I had a place to sleep or if I had to sleep on the floor.

I’m not sure if that is the longest I have been without sleep, but it certainly felt like it.

I have come full circle

from angry about him not giving me the books, to hurt that he wouldn’t give me MY books, to acceptance/indifference/apathy (yes I am aware that indifference and apathy are the same thing, but there are nuances of difference in the two, don’t make me get out my dictionary). When he told me this morning where the books were I told him I didn’t want them anymore. He said he was sorry but I’m not sure he really got it. That it was never about the books, it was about the lack of respect for me and whats mine.

Of course, I can’t demand respect, it has to be earned, and I thought I had, I guess not, I guess I am not clever enough for him to respect me. Good thing that I am not going to be living there forever. I can’t wait to leave.

That is another thing, this business with Gov. Dave (quite possibly the stupidest governor in the history of NYS) has me thinking that my plans to move out will be pushed back indefinitely and that has me annoyed. The worst part is the not knowing, not knowing what is going to happen. Some people say it is not going to happen, but I worry, its my life you know, he is messing with my life.

Another little rant

This time about Tigger, I ordered two books one for him and one for me, only he kept both of them. This time he has just gone TOO far and I want my book. Actually now I want both of them and he can have them when he pays me for them.

I don’t know why I am so angry, I don’t normally get angry like this. I hope I calm down before morning because I really don’t want to start screaming and yelling. That would certainly not help things with D recovering from surgery and all.

Tomorrow is a Manhattan day, maybe that is what is wrong, it has been too long since I have been able to wander about Manhattan with Em. Talk to you later.


VACW stands for very annoying co-worker and it is Herman, he knows who he is. He is upset because someone has been putting plants in his pot and now he thinks I know who did it, I don’t but I know who had some cuttings from the big tree that used to be in the stairwell, the big tree that scared me, but I am not telling him, why? So he can go annoy them? If he thinks he can get me to tell he doesn’t know me at all.

I was going to say something else and it totally slipped my mind when I had to sign back in.

OK so the VACW is upset about this post and wants me to delete it, I said “No.” He says he will post a comment. Fine. He can do what he wants. He has been coming to my desk all day, now he wants an upgrade, he wants to be the EACW. Extremely Annoying Co-Worker.

Talk about annoying, Fred’s friends are under the deck and screaming by my window and it is annoying me. Alot, mainly I am afraid to change my clothes with them lurking about outside. M. was telling about the seniors pulling a prank and that it got interrupted by the police, they were going to use plastic forks to make 2008. However, someone ruined the flowers by the flagpole, that is just mean.

Finished this book today, another good novel by Peter Robinson.

Things going on today have left me in a bad mood. I started off with a headache I still have. I overhead some unflattering comments about me from M. The kids were fighting before M’s family got here and caused her more stress. They got in, I don’t know when, I was sulking in the basement. I didn’t get any sewing done, I wanted to but couldn’t. I made my necklace. I will take a picture of it for later. I used some leftover beads from the necklace I made for Gwen and some new beads I ordered. Right now I am watching murder by the book instead of going to bed like I should. I need to brush my teeth and go to bed, except I just heated some water to drink.

I also got my period today. So that is something else to bug me. I tried to order some contacts from 1800 contacts but the prices are wrong. I need to send them another e-mail to explain what I meant.

This is the book I just finished. I have become obsessed with reading all the books in the series.

ho hum

So today I took Gwen to Blockbuster, she only spent $30 dollars on photography supplies so she was allowed to get a movie. She got some weirdo movies. I got Water and Waitress. I watched Water. I might buy it, I really liked it. Had a cute guy in it that was also nice. I don’t know when I will watch Waitress. I have the movie for a week, so maybe next weekend. I wish there was a way I could check online when the movies are due like you do with the books from the library.

Anyway, it wasn’t a concert last night it was an opera. Stitch really liked it. It was in Italian so I didn’t understand it, but they had a synopsis in the program so I knew what was going on. The music and singing was very good. During the intermission, M., Stitch, Tigger and I were sending text messages to each other.