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VACW stands for very annoying co-worker and it is Herman, he knows who he is. He is upset because someone has been putting plants in his pot and now he thinks I know who did it, I don’t but I know who had some cuttings from the big tree that used to be in the stairwell, the big tree that scared me, but I am not telling him, why? So he can go annoy them? If he thinks he can get me to tell he doesn’t know me at all.

I was going to say something else and it totally slipped my mind when I had to sign back in.

OK so the VACW is upset about this post and wants me to delete it, I said “No.” He says he will post a comment. Fine. He can do what he wants. He has been coming to my desk all day, now he wants an upgrade, he wants to be the EACW. Extremely Annoying Co-Worker.

Talk about annoying, Fred’s friends are under the deck and screaming by my window and it is annoying me. Alot, mainly I am afraid to change my clothes with them lurking about outside. M. was telling about the seniors pulling a prank and that it got interrupted by the police, they were going to use plastic forks to make 2008. However, someone ruined the flowers by the flagpole, that is just mean.

Finished this book today, another good novel by Peter Robinson.


Updating & checking

So I hope this goes through. I am using my phone to access Hotmail. I hope v-cast is right so I don’t get charged for this.

Saturday was the SPCA dog parade. The middle school marching band was there so we were there.

Sunday was sad. In January no more separate bookstudy, it is going to be before the ministry school. M said they had to decide if they should raise Bethelites allowances or reduce their expenses. They decided to reduce expenses!

It is raining today and l missed the early train. Tigger has already sent me a text asking for cinnamon. I bought him some at the deli. I sent him a text message saying I bought some cinnamon for you. I got the regular kind for you at the store with the dusty tins.

I was down this morning, don’t know how much I haven’t tracked it yet. I am getting back into my weight training, that is what really makes the difference for me.


I went to Allsport this evening. D and the boys (the two youngest) went to play racquetball. The texts Tigger sent me seem to indicate they had a good time. He said D was going to get a membership so they would be there more often.

I did some more typing on my other blog. I am describing the craft items and how I made them, where I got the ideas etc.

I am getting ready for bed and am starting to get stomach ache. Probably from what I am eating. I am going to drink a big glass of water and then go to bed. It will be a good thing to go to sleep before midnight.

Going to bed now

It is very cold here. I just finished 3 online surveys. I really should be in bed I am going to be so tired tomorrow. I am so glad my eyes are feeling so much better. My right eye in particular. If you notice my picture, my eyes look shiny. Anyway, I should be able to wear eye makeup on Friday night for the play. I wish I had the money for that new perfume by Lancôme.

More lost thoughts

So here I am again wondering what I was thinking I would write that now I can’t remember. The rash is gone from my eyes. I never found my contact but my eye sometimes feels like something is in it. I don’t know what to do about it. The Mimyx cream did not work so I have to use the cortisone ointment on my eye, which the doctor is not happy about. I got my beads from Artbeads and really need to check them to see if I need to order any more but I haven’t even opened the package. This weekend for sure. Friday is the play, it is one I have seen before, but I will still enjoy it I’m sure.