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This October has quite frankly, been awful. What with a friend’s cancer coming back (after 10+ years cancer-free), another friend going to visit her mother who has Alzheimer’s (and sending me text messages “My mom’s really not doing well.”), the episode on the Evil Green Train that I wrote about before, and another one that I didn’t write about but resulted in me missing a day from work, to my allergies and asthma flaring up (that resulted in $100 pharmacy bill) and my rosacea and eczema coming back (another $90), I want a do-over please. Oh did I mention, the Yankees got swept by the Tigers in the ALCS and THERE WAS A MOUSE UNDER MY STOVE!

Going to bed now

It is very cold here. I just finished 3 online surveys. I really should be in bed I am going to be so tired tomorrow. I am so glad my eyes are feeling so much better. My right eye in particular. If you notice my picture, my eyes look shiny. Anyway, I should be able to wear eye makeup on Friday night for the play. I wish I had the money for that new perfume by Lancôme.

Itchy eyelids

Another doctor I saw said the rash might not be an allergy it might just be ‘eyelid dermatitis’ because the skin on the eyelid is thinner than the skin on the rest of the face. I haven’t had a chance to go to Duane Reede to get the medicine and the rash is starting to come back. I stopped using the ointment because it was bugging my eyes. Someone told me about Aveeno for eczema, but it doesn’t say you can use it around your eyes.

I am watching Law & Order: CI right now. I am addicted.

I have learned how to add POIs to Grant. I have done it a couple of times accidentally, tonight I kept playing with it until I figured it out.