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Free Cell Phone and Minutes

Today in the mail I got a notice about ‘The Free Cell Phone & Minutes Program’. I didn’t know such a program existed. If you qualify you can get a free cell phone and 250 free minutes. You may be eligible if you get food stamps, have Medicaid, are Section 8, receive energy assistance, TANF, SSI or free school lunch. I don’t participate in any of those assistance programs, maybe I should pass this on to the homeless guy in front of my building. Oh wait, he already has a cell phone.

At first I didn’t know what to think, I was rather ambivalent. Is a cell phone a necessity? It didn’t use to be, but now it seems like it is. The testimonial included, because there is always a testimonial included is from a elderly woman, disabled and living alone. Since the phone is a cell phone, she can keep it with her and call whenever and wherever she needs help. There are programs to give phones to cab drivers and battered women, so why not the poor and disabled? A decent provision for the poor is the true test of civilization. ~Samuel Johnson. They are not handing out smart phones with unlimited data plans, if you want one you are required to submit proof that you are receiving assistance or your income is below the levels stated and only one phone per household is allowed. I know there are ways around these qualifications, people get arrested for welfare fraud all the time.

Overall, I think its a good idea for people who need assistance to able to contact help. When I was at the hospital they had this program with pendants for people to push if they needed help. The problem was, they only were effective when the person with the pendant was at home. Just because a person is disabled doesn’t mean they are bed-ridden or house bound. Giving cell phones out is an idea whose time has come.


Heat wave

We are in the middle of a heat wave. I don’t like the heat. Today it seemed to be slowing the train down, not only that but the A.C. didn’t seem to be working, however it was not blowing out hot air so it was bearable. The car I was on seemed to populated with very loud children. In realty there were only about 2 or 3 of them, but they were really loud. It was very annoying. The mom had an iPhone, the screen was cracked and she didn’t seem to care. I almost cried.

During the day I was e-mailing Em about packing everything and how I kept finding things I had forgotten I had, and that I was ‘pretty lame’. She reminded me I am packing up 22 years of my life. I will get through this, or I’ll have a heart attack and die. Actually if this heat lasts much longer I’ll probably die.

This evening I went on Craig’s list and listed a bunch of stuff to sell. It probably won’t move, but it’s worth a try.

And that’s all, she says.

apparently my cell phone saga is done. I say apparently because when I was reading the list of Customer complaints for Asurion, one of them was that the customer was told the phone had water damage when it didn’t. I still have to send the broken phone back so I don’t get charged a restocking fee. That is why my ordeal is not quite over yet.

When I got the e-mail from American Express stating my payment was due, I went on the website and filed a disputed charge claim. I told them, wrong merchandise shipped, I called the company, got no response and have returned the merchandise with a letter stating the problem and still had no response.

When I received the e-mail I posted in my last post, I called the number in the e-mail. I spoke to customer service, then I got transferred to technical support (Jay), Jay then said I had to speak to a supervisor to needed to know what address to send the replacement phone to. The supervisor told me the phone was being sent out.

Here is what frustrates me. When I returned the wrong phone I included a letter, in that letter was the specifics of why it was the wrong phone and what I wanted Asurion to do, send me the correct phone. I also put my address, my cell phone number, my work number and my e-mail address. I still had to call them to get them to do anything. And why did he have to get my address and phone number and e-mail address when they already had them! They had all that information from the original claim number, which was also on the letter I sent them and on every e-mail they sent me.

So I got my phone on Wednesday, June 15, 4 weeks and 7 phone calls after I filed my claim. When I opened the box, it was a brand new iPhone, it the box, shrink wrapped, just the phone I got from the store. When I went on line with American Express, there was a notation that they had contacted the company. That is what probably lit a fire under their soulless devil-spawn asses. American Express, a company that knows what customer service is, and shakes a might big stick.

Just for fun

Ever do something just for fun? MetroNorth has a text number for getting the next train. Last time I used it I noticed ‘reply MLB’ so I did, just to see what would happen. I got the following.


Then I noticed there were letters next to the games listed. So I replied with a ‘C’. Hey I have unlimited texting.


I don’t know what those numbers and letters mean. Then I replied ‘b’ for NYY.


Then ‘s’ for standings.


Just for fun.

It’s raining men!

No not really.

I sent that to set the date on the blog. I’m sneaky that way.

The walk from my office to the subway is usually uneventful. Walk down the sidewalk, wait for the light cross six lanes of traffic, try not to get run over. Today as I was approaching the intersection, an unmarked police car made a u-turn and pulled a car over, the police car pulled up very close to the other car, almost touching its bumper. I didn’t think anything of it, nothing unusual, right?

As I crossed the street I suddenly thought, “Unmarked police cars aren’t supposed to make routine traffic stops. Are they?” I glanced over at the cars, the pulled over car’s trunk was open and the police officers were looking in it. I was torn between wondering if I could sneak close enough to see if there was a body in the trunk, and just running to the subway. I didn’t run, but I kept walking to the subway.

Then on the train my phone rang. I didn’t answer it because I didn’t recognize the number. It was my dad. World’s Worst Daughter.

That’s all, says she.

Phone not working

Well, not really, I just have problems if I go online. I thought it might be because I now have 1,000 messages in my AOL inbox, but when I signed off and tried to send a text, the phone froze up so I had to take the battery out to use the phone, I couldn’t even turn it off. So now I am just killing time because I am so tired and I just want to go home.

It was raining so heavy this morning the backyard looked like the everglades. Except no gators.

When I got home, Tigger wanted to look at my phone to see what it was doing, of course, it didn’t make the lines across the touch screen when he was playing with it. No, couldn’t misbehave for beloved Tigger could it?

I am almost done with Murder in the Adirondacks. I have finished the account of the murder and trial and execution, now he is writing about how the novel “An American Tragedy” came about.

Got the score for the football game: Steelers 21, Bills 24

And Cookie sent me an e-mail, could it be Grace is taking a supplement and that is why she is losing so much weight? I mean, 25 pounds in 5 weeks. I keep forgetting to ask M about it. I am sure she would have an opinion. I told her about the Chipotle flavored olive oil, so of course she had me get some for her, then she put it in her oil mister thing so she could spray it on her popcorn. I didn’t try any, but I am sure it is delish.

Going down,

139.2 this morning. YAY! Keep going down.

As we were waiting for the train to leave, this man, who was sitting on the other side, had his cell phone glued to his ear. The announcement came over the P.A. system, ‘This is the express train to Poughkeepsie making stops at . . .’, all of a sudden this man shouts, ‘What? This train doesn’t stop at Croton?’ He jumps up grabs his bag and leaves. It was so sudden and unexpected we laughed.

OK, trying again. My jewelry came, and I had to listen to the no personal mail speech, because I believe in, it’s easier to be forgiven then get permission. I promise to never do it again, or at least until Zales has another clearance sale.

So I had a pretty productive day, I went to work, I came home, hung my clothes out that I put in the laundry this morning, yes, this morning! Put another load in, the last load of M’s. Then I went to the meeting, was almost on time. Came home, called my mom back, she has called twice. Cleaned both cat boxes, pulled the dehumidifier out from D’s workroom and plugged it in. Oh and I fought off Abigail. I also gave Papuga a piece of pineapple, I am trying the bribery route. She is funny, she took the pineapple, then dropped it, then gave me this look like ‘oops’

My new phone has over 100 text messages in it. I am not deleting until I find out how many it will hold. Well, I have to go now. This is post #200.

hi again

I had this message typed out, or whatever you call it when you are using a cell phone to send e-mails & deleted the message by mistake. I was a little peeved that now I have to redo it.

I am getting annoyed because people are asking, ok only one person so far, ‘Are you going home for a visit?’ NO, I am going to visit my parents, why should where my parents made me grow up be home over where I have chosen to live? The saying is, ‘Home is where the heart is.‘ If I was unhappy where I grew up and living with my parents, how could that be where my heart is?

I finished this book on the way home today. It deals with childhood sexual abuse (extreme), domestic abuse, police brutality and jumping to conclusions. One of the criminals is caught at the beginning and the abuse is also in the past, this novels deals mainly with the different ways abuse affects different people, the Aftermath of events. How some become abusers themselves and some don’t. I peeked at the ending. It is the first time I have in this series. I really like this author, he is very interesting, his books aren’t carbon copies of each other. I didn’t peek because I was bored, I don’t really know why I guess I just wanted to know the end before I finished the book.

Updating & checking

So I hope this goes through. I am using my phone to access Hotmail. I hope v-cast is right so I don’t get charged for this.

Saturday was the SPCA dog parade. The middle school marching band was there so we were there.

Sunday was sad. In January no more separate bookstudy, it is going to be before the ministry school. M said they had to decide if they should raise Bethelites allowances or reduce their expenses. They decided to reduce expenses!

It is raining today and l missed the early train. Tigger has already sent me a text asking for cinnamon. I bought him some at the deli. I sent him a text message saying I bought some cinnamon for you. I got the regular kind for you at the store with the dusty tins.

I was down this morning, don’t know how much I haven’t tracked it yet. I am getting back into my weight training, that is what really makes the difference for me.


I went to Allsport this evening. D and the boys (the two youngest) went to play racquetball. The texts Tigger sent me seem to indicate they had a good time. He said D was going to get a membership so they would be there more often.

I did some more typing on my other blog. I am describing the craft items and how I made them, where I got the ideas etc.

I am getting ready for bed and am starting to get stomach ache. Probably from what I am eating. I am going to drink a big glass of water and then go to bed. It will be a good thing to go to sleep before midnight.

Hi there

I haven’t read the thread so I don’t know if any BTers have gone to my new “crafting” blog. I will have to redo it with comments and descriptions about the different things on it. I thought I had more pictures than that. I think I do, they are just not digital, so I would have to scan them to put them in. I don’t feel like doing that. I could take pictures of some of the necklaces and things that I kept and didn’t take pictures of, maybe tonight. I should have taken pictures of more things.

Tomorrow M has planned to go to Woodbury Commons. I was thinking I could get some Crocs, but they don’t have a store there. I want some for my trip. I don’t want to get too many things before I go, I want my Mom to have the pleasure of buying me some things. 😉

Gwen’s phone came today. She has already sent some text messages. When I activated in the basement with my computer, I sent a text to Tigger from the phone, 1 minute later she was knocking on my door, “I want my phone!” She is very happy with it. She set up her signature, Princess { :), a tiara on top of her smiley face.