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Caitlin Rother asked me to read and review this book and provided me with a copy.

I have not been otherwise compensated for this review.

When Caitlin Rother contacted me about writing this review she said, “You’ve probably heard of this case.” And yes I had, because I follow Caitlin on Facebook. That was my only exposure to if before reading this book.

When looking at the book description my first thought was, “How could they come to a finding of suicide when she was gagged and tied up?” No spoilers here, it’s in the book description. “Somebody was paid off.” But as the book description states, there is so much more to this case. And Caitlin digs deep. She has several years experience as an investigative journalist and it shows. She explores every angle, goes after people for interviews and prepares well for those interviews to get to the truth. And what is the truth? Was it murder or suicide?

I’m not going to tell you what I think, you will have to read the book to form your own opinion, and you should read this book. Some may find the ending of this book unsatisfying, but it is what it is, the truth of the matter and not Caitlin Rother’s fault. This is truly a bizarre, mystifying and at times confusing case.

If you have read any of my other reviews, you know that I tend to write short reviews. The reason being I am not here to recap the story, just report if I think it is worth reading. Also, I tend to blaze through books and don’t take notes. If you are are a true crime fan that likes their books thoroughly researched and well written, I recommend this book. If you are looking for a book that ties everything up in a neat little bow, this is not the book for you. There are still many questions that we may never know the answer to, such is life sometimes. You will finish this book very well informed of the case and not bored.


Phone not working

Well, not really, I just have problems if I go online. I thought it might be because I now have 1,000 messages in my AOL inbox, but when I signed off and tried to send a text, the phone froze up so I had to take the battery out to use the phone, I couldn’t even turn it off. So now I am just killing time because I am so tired and I just want to go home.

It was raining so heavy this morning the backyard looked like the everglades. Except no gators.

When I got home, Tigger wanted to look at my phone to see what it was doing, of course, it didn’t make the lines across the touch screen when he was playing with it. No, couldn’t misbehave for beloved Tigger could it?

I am almost done with Murder in the Adirondacks. I have finished the account of the murder and trial and execution, now he is writing about how the novel “An American Tragedy” came about.

Got the score for the football game: Steelers 21, Bills 24

And Cookie sent me an e-mail, could it be Grace is taking a supplement and that is why she is losing so much weight? I mean, 25 pounds in 5 weeks. I keep forgetting to ask M about it. I am sure she would have an opinion. I told her about the Chipotle flavored olive oil, so of course she had me get some for her, then she put it in her oil mister thing so she could spray it on her popcorn. I didn’t try any, but I am sure it is delish.


up this am. hope its just water.

Well I ate too much today, I ran through all my points and then some and got a tummy ache. Then I was too tired to go to Allsport. Tomorrow is meeting so I won’t be working out. I will have to Thursday and Friday. I have to lose this weight. I started Murder in the Adirondacks last night. It is very interesting. I was afraid it would be like other true crime books I have tried to read, I mean not Ann Rule, but it is very readable. He does not embellish things, he reports the events as near as he can determine, if the facts are not available, he states that. It is a throughly investigated book. In the preface he describes what he went through to get the necessary information. I can’t wait to finish. I also can’t remember the next book I requested. I will have to check that out for you.

It is Whistling in the Dark. About a serial killer that preys on little girls. Should be interesting.