up this am. hope its just water.

Well I ate too much today, I ran through all my points and then some and got a tummy ache. Then I was too tired to go to Allsport. Tomorrow is meeting so I won’t be working out. I will have to Thursday and Friday. I have to lose this weight. I started Murder in the Adirondacks last night. It is very interesting. I was afraid it would be like other true crime books I have tried to read, I mean not Ann Rule, but it is very readable. He does not embellish things, he reports the events as near as he can determine, if the facts are not available, he states that. It is a throughly investigated book. In the preface he describes what he went through to get the necessary information. I can’t wait to finish. I also can’t remember the next book I requested. I will have to check that out for you.

It is Whistling in the Dark. About a serial killer that preys on little girls. Should be interesting.