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Just One Look by Harlan Coben

I actually read this book twice, I kind of skimmed through it, then put it aside and when I finished my library books I picked it up again and read it through, no skimming or skipping. Even knowing how it ended I still couldn’t stop reading it.

Just One Look by Harlan Coben

The Barnes & Noble Review
Photographs are a way of putting memories on paper and, like memories, they can be precious — or dangerous. For housewife Grace Lawson, the ordinary act of picking up a pack of family photos sets an extraordinary sequence of events in motion, and the danger builds momentum with every turn of the page.

Among prints of a happy family vacation is one photo that doesn’t belong — a picture taken 20 years ago of a group of strangers, including someone who looks remarkably like Grace’s husband as a young man. Before Grace can get her husband to explain, he disappears; and her search for the truth behind this glimpse of an earlier time involves digging into past secrets and tragedies that trigger a deadly series of all-too-current events. In Just One Look, award-winning suspense writer Harlan Coben has created tantalizing and terrifying interconnected mysteries. Sue Stone

And somehow, he makes it work, you think, there is no way all these different story lines and people are going to come together. The ending is “WOW” and somehow, believable.



>The bugs here are driving me crazy! And I have this wicked headache, I think I am going home early. I started using the daily planner I bought to journal my food, I think it will work fine but I forgot to weigh myself this morning! I am so aggravated, I remembered when I was leaving and I was not about to weigh myself completely dressed. I will have to make sure I weigh myself tomorrow. According to my points tracker I ate 19 points yesterday, that was without using my ap’s, and did I tell you I found my points calculator? It was in my backpack, I only looked in there 3 times and couldn’t find it, I found it when I was looking for my Neosporin.

Well, was that a jumble of thoughts or what? I did come home early. The headache was fading but it was bugging me and I just wanted to lie down. Of course, when I got home the boys were um, well, being themselves. So instead of getting to lie down, I played Rummikub with Gwen. I really like Stitch’s new computer and would like to get one for myself, but I want to see how it is and Stitch won’t let me. I probably shouldn’t, I have this computer, it is just it is so portable I think I could use it.

M. and family are getting ready to leave for New Hampshire tomorrow. Gwen showed me where the glove is to use when handling Papuga and how to do it. I’m am not looking forward to it. Papuga hates me. Gwen told me to put her on the floor and put a towel over her. I asked if Papuga would walk around, she grinned and said yes.