I sneezed 6 times on the subway, my germs are all over the 7 train. Take that MTA!
I feel like singing, “My weights a rubber ball, it keeps bouncing back to me!”

Selvin has got to be the nosiest person I know. I was writing in my notebook and he had to come see what I was writing. That and telling me what I should do etc drive me crazy. Right now I am hiding in the Ladies bathroom writing this cause I just can’t stand to be here anymore today. He wants me to take this EPA training for NPDES inspectors. Fine, whatever. Anyway, it is in September in Poughkeepsie, so that may work out fine for me, Stitch can probably drop me off on the way to class.

Today I finished Murder in the Adirondacks by Craig Brandon and wrote a review on Shelfari. I copied it to LibraryThing. I should add that to my website list.

M is excited about our upcoming trip to Manhattan. She is going to order tickets to Top of the Rock. We don’t know where we are going to eat, but I am not worried. It’s a day trip with no set schedule.

She lost weight this week, I didn’t, yet anyway, official WI isn’t until Monday. If I am really good this weekend . . . however, my jeans are looser.