>Tigger sent me a text yesterday to send him a text when I got it. Today he hasn’t sent me any texts so I don’t know if I should. I don’t even know if the phone will be charged.

how now brown cow

I hope I got this in the right spot. This is my new phone & it will take some getting used to. I didn’t send a text to Tigger until he sent me one, then I explained my reason, he said that made sense, sort of, then he asks, but I am the first person you sent a text to right? I like the fact that the screen for texts is big and I can read it without squinting.

I have to make a comment on the style of wearing a top to show off your bra straps. I saw someone with a peach tank top, the kind with racer or T back, whatever you call it, and she was wearing a dark gray bra, which I know because the bra had regular over the shoulder straps, there was no way the top would cover them. This was after I saw a girl with the same style but I didn’t think it was that bad because she had those clear straps on. Not something I would wear, but not too bad, then I saw the gray and — GAG –. And I figured out the real reason I don’t want to work out this week, I thought it was because Abigail was meowing and acting lonely and I felt sorry for her. I realized the real reason when I told someone I was thinking about taking a day off work to sit in a quiet house, then it hit me, I don’t want to go to Allsport because it is quiet and calm in the house. And I gave Papuga a piece of pineapple by hand. I will be back because I am going the gym now. BBL

Home from the gym and need to go to bed. Fred sent me a text, Tigger says you are getting the Glide, and I replied, Yeah SO? and he says, I want one! Again I said, Yeah so? This was at the same time Tigger was sending me texts, wanting me to let him call and put the phone on speaker so I could talk to him while driving. Such a sweet boy, he loves it in New Hampshire. He is making me crazy.