>yesterday, as you can see. I didn’t surf with my phone yesterday and I still had battery power at the end of the day. I was very tired last night. I even tried to get a nap in before I had to go to Target. Then I ended up getting there 10 minutes before they closed. So I picked up litter and put new litter in Abby’s box. I didn’t get any cleaning done I was so tired. I am seriously thinking about going out in service but I am afraid. I didn’t read my magazines, I haven’t gone over a presentation so I will not be prepared if I go. Of course if I got off this computer, I would be able to prepare. I could at least eat breakfast. I so want to just curl up under my blanket and sleep.

Well here I am again. I didn’t go out in service, I was running around trying to get the doll together to ship it. Ugh, anyway, that is done. I was going to get lunch, then I realized I should get home and turn the AC on for the animals since it was getting warm. Then I was going to walk to Ron’s to get lunch and Tigger and Gwen started texting me. I finally made it, and Lucy was collected money for Lance Armstrong. When I crossed the street she asked me, Are you Bella? When I said yes she said, Do you remember me? I’m Lucy, and when I said yes, she smiled and asked me to tell M hi for her. I sent M a text message, so far I haven’t got a response from her, but then again, my phone is upstairs right now. So I am going upstairs. I am going to try really hard to study for tomorrow.