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Wondering about 25 or 6 to 4

It is a time, he is staying up all night trying to write a song. Now that I have that figured out, I can go on to other important things. Like what is a terrazzo floor? I mean, I know that is the type of floor in GCT, because they have signs up saying they are fixing it, but what is it? And, does the gnat know that if he sits on the edge of my papers I can’t kill him, or does he just like the way they feel on his little bug feet? Those are the kind of things I want to know.


I saw a woman walking down the street, she was wearing head to toe pink, not just any pink, that lovely shade known as Pepto-Bismol pink (shudder). She was crossing the street next to the park, and I am serious about the head to toe, she had top and a skirt and the skirt went to her ankles, all pink. And did I tell you someone is feeding a dog at the Peekskill train station? It’s true, I saw someone doing it one day, and just this morning I saw the bowls in the gap in the fence. If I get the 6:44 home, I will take a pic for you.

I did not catch the 4:44. I don’t know why I said 6:44 this morning. I had to move my key rings, I was running out of space where they were. Right now I need to eat something and go to Allsport and get a key copied and then I will be back.

Home now and I sprayed my hair with that color stuff and it smells funny. Since this is the last day of the month it is the day I throw away my contacts and put new ones in in the morning. Tomorrow is also the day I start with my new planner for writing my food. It seems like a great idea to me. We will see if it works. Well I will be back tomorrow.



>I made it to the train today. Left the same time as yesterday, but today Stitch drove me, which means a. I didn’t have to park, b. I didn’t sit in my car for a minute when I got there. The train was in at 6:16 a.m., two minutes early. I have more to say but I can’t remember and I am at work so I can’t be on here too long.

Allergies, I hate them. I had my allergy shot last night and today I am grumpy and my arm hurts and my throat is scratchy. That did not look right but according to word it is right.

I had typed out another e-mail to send here, but it got lost in my phone. Actually, I haven’t checked my phone to see. BRB.

OK the only thing still in the phone is the subject, but not the body, weird, other body of text are there. I didn’t write down what I was thinking, so I can’t repeat it. It had to do with Tigger getting a ring tone (finally!) and that it is “How to save a life” by the Fray, he likes it because it is loud. I like my Eyore one for the same reason. I am sure there was more to it, but I can’t remember. The subject was Tigger is home, I probably wrote and he just sent me a text to say he got a ringtone!

On the way home I went to the other bathroom in GCT and I don’t like it as much. For one thing, you can’t see all the stalls so you can’t tell when one is available, the other thing is it is much LOUDER then the one I usually go to.

>I really need to get up

>when my alarm goes off the first time.

I thought I was o.k. with 12 minutes to get here but the train was early, so now I am stuck having to ride the 6:33 crowded express train, I have also had to stand here since 6:18, see I got on the platform in time to see the train leave.

Tigger sent me a text to thank me for the cinnamon, I left it in the gray cabinet with the food, next to the LaffyTaffy. The LaffyTaffy was gone, I am surprised he didn’t say anything about it. I guess he realizes that I eat it too and so I would know when it is gone. The bag of Reisen is not open, I wonder if he forgot about it. It’s not in the gray cabinet it is in my fridge.

He has taken to hugging me when I get home, not a real hug just a kind of arms around but no squeezing. Today he did it while watching T.V.

When I stopped at Target, I was just going to get cat food and toilet paper. I ended up getting the LaffyTaffy, color safe bleach, a game for my GameBoy, a hair removal device called Epi/Slim by Emjoi, popcorn, dishwashing liquid, 6″ rulers, Cottonelle moist wipes. I think that is all, it came to $86. I couldn’t find my debit card though, fortunately, I had enough cash, and after I paid, I found my card in my back pocket.

Now I am going to get some frozen calcium. I am totally addicted to Ron’s Roadrunner Raspberry. It is vanilla ice cream with raspberry swirls and little cups like Reeses cups except with raspberry inside them instead of peanut butter.

Grace, a woman who posts on a WW thread, has dissed Chicago, she said it is not the same band, I am not going to say anything back on the thread because everyone is entitled to their opinion and I do not want to start anything, but here, on my blog, my opinion rules and the girl does not know what she is talking about. Check out their website, click on their name, and you will see.

G-mail is not working

I sent two messages to myself through G-mail and neither one came through. I sent through AOL and it did. Also, the ringtones I bought online do not work, I had to buy them through my phone and so I spent a ton of money. I am not happy about that. Oh, I think it is a problem with this phone. Anyway, no one has sent me any messages today. I hope that is because they are busy with good things not games.

Soon you will be able to see my vacation photos, I am putting them in a Picasa Web Album. It took me awhile because I had to do them 5 photos at a time, but I am done. Now I have to see how to put them on this blog, either as a slide show or a link. We will see what happens!

Look to the right and you will see a slide show of my trip to visit my family. Click on the link Photo Albums and you will be able to see all my albums. My crafts, my trip to Vermont last year and my trip to Washington this year. I probably should stop before my whole life is displayed online, but it is not much of a life so I don’t really care!

It has just gotten harder to track my points. I can no longer access the points tracker at work and I can’t find my points calculator. I was using it recently but it is not in my backpack or my little canvas bag. I don’t know what to do. I will have to write everything down and put it in when I get home. That is going to be a pain.

>Last Day

>I almost didn’t make it, I was feeling very unwell this afternoon, however, since I was driving, I didn’t want to make anyone else leave early so I stuck it out. I actually started to feel better and enjoyed the last talk. I took my MP3 player every day so I could listen to the program through my earphones. I took them off this afternoon because of how my head was feeling, maybe they were causing my headaches.

Pam gave us a copy of Stone of Sisyphus and I just ripped the songs and synced them to my MP3 player. I have a bunch of songs and still have room for more. I love my MP3 player. I should plug my other one in so it charges. I will be up long enough for that. I will just have to stay on the computer so it doesn’t shut down.

Right now I have to take a break from here. I will be back later.

Oh, I feel better now, I am not so gassy and I was able to go to the bathroom normally. I just got back from putting gas in my car and should be trying to go to sleep. I will in a minute. I also just added a website to my blog. It looked interesting so I thought I would do that. I just thought of another website I should add. So go check it out if you are reading.

>Second day – another book!

>We got another book today. WOW! Bill gave the talk that was about it. I am just so excited, two books for one convention. This one is called, “Keep Yourselves in God’s Love”.

I was up another pound this morning arg. I know it is just water but it is so frustrating, I am being good too. Well, the dress fit perfect, I was very pleased and got compliments on it. I wore my sassari crocs with it, because of the color of the dress and they looked good. I had to put tape on my little toes later in the day. But that was all I needed.

When we got home, I ate a bag of pretzels. I did not feel like eating. I was so bloated. I didn’t want to go to the gym because I was afraid I would add sound effects to my workout. So Gwen and I walked, at first she said she wanted to walk to the library, then when we got close she said, “Maybe we should just walk to the park.” That is what we did, crossed the street and got a treat from Ron’s and a water bottle and came home. I got ice cream in my hair.

Then Tigger wanted me to drive him around. Since I hadn’t checked Best Buy for the CD holders I want I went up there and he came with me. They didn’t have them, now I do not know where else to look. He looked at some stuff, but he really just wanted to get out of the house. I was going to get gas but I forgot.

Now that I have washed the ice cream out of my hair and braided it, which was not easy with my sore neck/shoulder/arm, cleaned the litter box, made chicken salad for my lunch tomorrow, I should really go to bed. I will talk to you tomorrow.

>First day

>And we got a new book, Questions Young People Ask, Answers That Work Vol. 2.

I went to Booktalk and read the threads, but didn’t post anything. Too tired. Feeling dragged down. I have not looked at the new book yet. I don’t know if I will or if I will read some in Blue Diary. I am not going to type much here, but I have to stay up longer to let my nails dry.

It was probably not a good idea to do my nails on the keyboard. I mean, I don’t know for sure, but nail polish and laptop keyboards probably don’t go well together. It is a good thing I didn’t spill it, but I did for a minute think the polish bottle was going to go sliding off the laptop onto my bed!

Gwen met a new friend today, she is getting quite good at that. I wore the navy skirt and reddish top, tomorrow I wear one of my new dresses, I hope it fits.

This morning I was 140 even. That is up, but I am also having my period. M was wearing an anklet and now I want to get or make one.

Well, I need to go now.

>This morning I left a tiny bit late for the train, not so late that I would miss the train but at that iffy time, then I saw the garbage truck, so I turned on Kent thinking I could go behind the high school on the one-way street that connects Kent to Verplanck, except it is one-way going the wrong way. There are no other streets that connect Kent to Verplanck, I know this for a fact now, I only suspected it before. So I wasted precious time, I was still angry when I got to the train station at 6:18, but the train wasn’t there, it didn’t show up until I was halfway across the parking lot so I made it. I was glad because it was crowded and the next train was probably even more crowded.

I am continuing my streak of dropping things on the floor, last night, or this morning, I dropped my tampons all over my bathroom floor.

So Stitch met me at the train station because he was up in Poughkeepsie today. When I got home I parked too close to D’s van and he told me to move my car. I just wish he would say things in a nice way, not in a way that makes me feel like a freaking idiot. So when I came in I was mad and said I’m not hungry and went downstairs, so Tigger send me a message asking how I am and when I said fine he replied, “u seemed slightly perterbed when u were up here”. He is all happy with himself for figuring it out, but its no big deal, I have never been able to hide my feelings. Except from my family, but then they are mostly clueless. Anyway, I then went to the grocery store to get food for tomorrow, now I have to make my lunch, except I forgot to get an icepack and toilet paper. I will have to steal some from M.

Soda bottles

I have been taking my soda bottles, you know the empty ones on my desk, I have been taking them two at a time to the recycle bin to get rid of them. I wonder if anyone will notice when they are all gone. Nobody has said anything yet. I get a little thrill, thinking I am sneaking them out without anyone noticing.

This weekend is the D.C. so I am planning on leaving at 2 to get my hair done. I will have to send an e-mail to BE to let him know because STS is not here.

There was something I was going to say about Tigger, but I can’t remember right now, he must have stayed home today because of the rain. It was raining when I left for work.


It was raining when I got to the salon, and when I left it was a thunderstorm, pouring rain and the sky was being lit up, scary! Through all of this, Tigger was texting me constantly about going to Staples and getting him replacement stylus for his PDA. I told him don’t text me I can’t text and drive in the rain, he thought I could, I told him not when there is lightning and it is a monsoon! Staples had the stylus he wanted but not the stuff I was looking for. I now have to check at Best Buy.

It has been my week for dropping things on the floor. Yesterday the Laffy Taffy, today, I bought a new bookmark at Borders. It is metal with string and ribbons attached and on the strings are beads. I dropped the staples as I was trying to get the bookmark off the card, the staples that attached to the card in the store, then when I put the bookmark in my book, some of the beads came off and went onto the floor. I rescued them, put them back on the string and then used some of my special adhesive to keep them there.

On a positive note, I remember to take Blue Diary with me to the salon so I got some of it read. And I have no gray hair. Just in time for the convention.



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