>I gave hotmail another chance but it still is not sending my e-mails. I don’t know who to complain to, anyway, yesteday Tigger was solitaire texting, I will explain later. I finally weighed myself, 141.8 lbs.

Tigger had my phone yesterday and as is his custom he changed my wall paper and design theme. I changed the design theme back but left the wallpaper. I also found out that he likes to go to the Verizon store and send texts to himself from their phones. That is slightly disturbing to me.

I was texting him today and he sends me a text, I am getting texts from the Samsung Glide. I mentioned it was probably an employee trying to find out who he is. He says no, it is someone just talking to me. Very weird.

Solitaire texting is when you have two phones and you send text messages to one phone from the other one and back again. Takes a special level of boredness to do that.

So I guess from now on I will be sending e-mails from Gmail.

Oh, I almost forgot, Gigi found the necklace I left in her car. She sent it to me along with a letter/note. She said her friend Angela said the necklace I made her was nice enough to buy in a store, I feel like writing back, yeah, I know, I sell them for $50! But that would not be nice. Anyway, it reminded me that I needed to make the necklace for that customer who has been so patient with me. So I made it and will mail it tomorrow. Now I have to go catch some ZZZZZs