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New true crime author?

{{scene opens to a NY police station and the Sgt on duty checking the calendar. Another officer sees him}}

Officer (O) – What’s up Sgt? Forget the day already?

Sgt – I just had to make sure it wasn’t Halloween.

O – Halloween! We have two months ’til then. Why would you even think that?

Sgt – There’s a chick at the desk who wants to file a report of assault and robbery.

O- Sounds normal.

Sgt – She’s got wings, a wand, and some fru-fru gown and claims her tiara was stolen by another chick in a red wagon.

O- Is it gay pride week?

Sgt – No, she’s not a tranny – claims she’s the tooth fairy and asked me about the crack filing in my molar.

{{Office rises and looks at the calendar}}

O- Geez Sgt, we are in for it if they are showing up on Labor Day. How do you issue a BOLO (be on the look out) for red wagon?
. . . . . . . . . .
♫♫ Carolann ♫♫

<– dancing daintily beside my red wagon

I’m so pretty, oh so pretty

Tips tiara rakishly…

Sure wish I had a wand………
. . . . . . . . . .
>’.'< ♥ Mickie ♥

It was a dark night, not even a hint of the moon to be seen, and the lone street light guttered as she walked underneath. Her wings drooped and her hair hung in loose ringlets framing her angelic face. The frown she wore was a contradiction to her countenance.

“In all my years I have never had an encounter like that. I usually only have to deal with little kids who want to catch me in the act.” She adjusted the tiara she no longer wore – realized her error and gave a sigh. She stopped. Had she heard something? Must have been her imagination.

She needed to get to little Jason’s house. That boy had lost at least six teeth in four months. It was heartbreaking to see his cherubic face as his family enjoyed corn on the cob all summer and all he could do was watch and wish for teeth that were taking their own sweet time to come in.

There was that sound again. No – it couldn’t be. Not the red wagon! Was she being followed. Louder still. She inhaled sharply and turned but could make out nothing in the darkened street. There it was again, closer still. She gripped her wand and held it tight against her chest. It couldn’t be – not again. What could that woman possibly want now?
. . . . . . . . . .
♫♫ Carolann ♫♫


And I have outdone myself. With posting that is, and my weight is 137.6 pounds this morning. That is 0.2 pounds less than last week. I didn’t get out of bed this morning, so I have to rush to get dressed and put on my face for the meeting.

After the meeting I have to go to Allsport and write my talk for this Wednesday. I already know what I am saying, I just have to put it down and refine it. M is helping me so that should be fun. Well, I will probably come back later. I also want to finish White Fang so I can put it on August’s book list.

No more reading for today. I might put White Fang on August list anyway. I will finish the book soon anyway. Got to get some sleep now.

It’s a man’s world, Ladies

The creeps are out there and society is stacked against us. Follow this link to HollaBackNYC the reason I say society is stacked against us is exemplified in her statement about not being able to move and no one noticing. Society tells us to act like ‘ladies’ that means, not make a fuss if a guy is pushing up against us, it is rude to yell in the subway, ‘Get off me you pervert!’ And yet that is exactly what we need to do.

Now I know why this didn’t work before! Sometimes I am a real dummy.

Anyway, I went to Lily’s and no one was there. If I hadn’t been running late, I would have gone to Debbie’s, but since it was 9:15 already, I decided to go to Muddy Cup and get a latte. Now I am home and getting ready to wash my bed sheets.

It is raining and dreary today, no one is up but me. I think after I put my sheets in the washer I will take a walk. It is a perfect day for walking.

Well, after taking my sheets to the laundromat to put in the dryer, cause I didn’t want to heat up the basement, it was too warm to walk. Maybe I will in a little bit, after I rest and drink some water, and if M gets home soon. Gwen and I went to Panera then Target, she wanted to look for shelves, I wanted to look for an ankle chain, well, she got her shelves, I got nothing. So I am in my bedroom pouting. Well, not really, but I really don’t feel like doing anything. I am going to check my websites now and I will be back.

O.K. I am a dummy! I ordered the pearls and beads for M’s necklace, and forgot to order anything for my anklet! I think I will go look at what I have in the way of beads and such. I have some left over from the necklaces I made, so I might be able to whip something up. My neck is hurting me now. I need to go to Allsport because I forgot to rinse the conditioner out of my hair last night so now it is stiff and sticky so I need to wash it again. SIGH. Sometimes I amaze myself.

Hi there my friends and readers, I entered a contest to win a book. This is one of the ways to enter, by posting about it on my blog. The books are Tess Gerritsen. Go to Jen’s Bookshelf to see it and enter for yourself. I found out about the contest on Shelfari. I don’t need more books, but I love getting free stuff. Like the free Pill compacts I got from Ortho Tri-Cyclen Low, and the thing to pour your beer to get a perfect head on it, when I don’t drink that brand of beer!

Salada Tag Line

Tiny economical restaurant: Five & Dine.

New Font

I wonder why it didn’t work on the other one. HMM.

At first I thought I had gone up, but when I looked at my sheet, I saw I was the same. Considering yesterday I didn’t drink all my water, had a beer and cookie for dinner and ice cream cake for a snack, I consider staying the same a victory.

Mel threw down the gauntlet, Grace has declined to pick it up. Cookie thinks it is because Mel posted it last night and no one has read it. I think it is because Grace is chicken. Anyway, Mel has not answered my e-mail. I hope she is not mad at me for dropping the ball yesterday. I can be a real idiot sometimes. I hate to grovel but I feel like doing.

On a happier note, I got M’s tickets for Manhattan, one more week and a day before we go! I am so happy, but I need to wash clothes so my capris that I plan on wearing are clean. I asked M if she thought it would be warm enough to wear our short sleeved tops, she said, it might be cool in the evening and we might have to buy a sweater! I love the way she thinks.

Drove today. Part of the emergency drill, reported first to White Plains then to NYC. The car they gave me to drive had a non-working power source, what used to be called the cigarette lighter so my GPS didn’t charge, I didn’t notice until this morning so I had about a quarter of a charge on my GPS. It died about halfway to White Plains, well actually, I was almost there, but I was on a road I was unfamiliar with when it happened. Fortunately I found the Sawmill and know the way from there. Except out of habit I turned the wrong way on 119. I switched cars with my boss, since he knows the way from White Plains to NYC, I also followed him. I told him I didn’t want to lose him because I had left my CD in the car, HA HA!

The CD I took was one I just burned this morning, it has the two Frey albums and then a few other songs I added just to fill up space. I told Tigger I was listening to my, well actually your, music. He thought that was cool. I have caved again and bought Tigger candy, Altoids and Laffy Taffy and Now’N’Later. I don’t feel like getting up to look at the packages to see if I spelled them right. I also sold a book and haven’t packaged it yet. I also need to send an e-mail to the man who bought the CD player. I mailed it today, wrapped in bubble wrap, I hope “HOPE” it doesn’t break.

Blogger had this new feature where you can ‘subscribe’ to a blog and read it right in the dashboard. So I did that, and left my name so they will all know I am reading. I don’t know if any of them will read mine. I really don’t care

Grace majorly slammed Mel today, Cookie and I missed it. I did because I don’t really read the thread carefully during the day, since I am not supposed to be on it. I don’t think she is really mad at me. She posted a response calling her on it. I am glad, cause if I had done it, it would not have been worded so nicely.

Now I have to go get another book ready to mail. This is getting kind of fun now. See you tomorrow.

Tigger is toast

I am sort of miffed at Tigger. Sold the CD Player and he told me ‘I can’t pack it up I won’t be home.’ Well, that was the deal, I would list them, they would pack them up and I would take them to the post office to mail. I will pack it up but this is the last time I am selling anything for them. Except for the books.

I bought bubble wrap at Rite Aid, so I will be able to pack up the C.D. player. I am still miffed at Tigger. I wonder if there is a way I can keep the money. I need to go pack it up. I drove home because of an emergency drill I am taking part in. While I was changing for the meeting, they left. Stitch has my car so I am stuck here. Well, I am having fun just playing around on the computer, I really wanted to go because I studied last night! Well, I will just show them, I will have my talk written before they get home.

Mel, Cookie and I have been e-mailing back and forth about Grace. They think it is hilarious that I stalked her. They also keep talking about a lie she told and I can’t figure it out. I just never liked her. As Mel says, there is something ‘snarky’ about her. I am going to to read the other blogs and see what is happening.


E-mail posting is working again, even the last one I sent is there, posted at the time I sent it. Today is allergy shot and I was hoping my book would be at the library so I could get it but it’s not. My movie is in though. Cookie reviewed ‘Grace is gone’ gave it 4 stars so I think I will borrow it again and try to watch it. I keep adding things to my siggy, pretty soon it will be longer than most of my e-mails.

I read a little in White Fang on my way home. I am not getting into it like The Call of the Wild. But it is still early. After my allergy shot and before I went to get Gwen I worked on the oral review and my talk. I have three questions I couldn’t research because the information was not on my computer, so I stopped working on them and started on my talk. I have a pretty good idea how to do it now. I will write it tomorrow or later tonight. I want to hook this up to my printer and print out my notes for the oral review first.

Firefox had an updated browser so I installed it, and it uninstalled my Google toolbar. When I got this started tonight I installed it and it is working fine. It even still has all the sites I bookmarked before. The browser tool bars have a new look to them. Not much more I can see.

I am going to go now. I am trying to type all this without looking at the keyboard. Gwen has to do it that way for her class, so I am going to work on it too.

Just checked my e-mail and someone bought the C.D. player. More money for Tigger, with no effort on his part.