>I think I forgot to mention the deer I saw when I was walking to the park yesterday. I will fill in the details later. Abigail left the basket of towels to sleep on me last night and I woke up feeling like I was pinned to the couch.

Ok so I am an idiot

I made a big mistake today, ok, not so big, I had one of those thoughts that you should keep to ones self and I didn’t. It involved J & D & A & Ms. A & the gnats. I was standing on the other side of J’s desk and they were talking about the gnats and J said they are attracted to food, and that they were gone now, Ms. A said they were all at her desk, J asked if she had food, she said no and I said, “Maybe you’re just attractive.” J, D and A all started laughing, trying not to laugh out loud, Ms. A got real quiet, and I just said, “I think I better go back to my cubicle and try to be good the rest of the day.” The thought was in my head and it just popped out.

Anyway, yesterday when I was walking to the park, Tigger and I were sending text messages to each other, as my text alert was going off, I heard a noise in the bushes near the road, like an animal moving around. So I looked to the side, didn’t see anything, then I looked up, and there it was, a deer, standing there and we looked at each other and before I could turn the camera on in my phone, it walked away. It was scary cool.

I am two posts away from 200.


Success! I gave Papuga food and water and still have all my fingers. I am smarter then the bird. But as M says, not as vicious. But then when I sat down here, Abigail got on the couch next to me laid on my arm and wrapped her paws around my wrist. I now believe Tigger when he says Abigail sends text messages cause she was messing up my typing and typing things herself!