>Abigail is indeed a psycho cat. When I went to sleep she was sleeping in her basket. Then I woke up because something landed on me. It was her, only she didn’t settle down to sleep on me, she left, so what did she want, did she just want to see if I was still alive? Well anyway, then at 5 she started playing with the sewer rat. So I have been awake since then. Then Gwen called at 9:00 to make sure I was up, then asked if I fed Abigail. Huh, you think after all these years they would trust me.

I asked Tigger why they don’t think I can take care of the animals and his reply was
“we just pretend we think u cant
we have faith in u”
that was how he wrote it, I copied it exactly. I really should be getting ready for bed . Abigail is sleeping in the basket with the dirty towels. I kind of don’t like the new Verizon ad, but I love the service and their phones. I told Tigger about getting a new phone, I also asked him not to tell everyone, he said I only told Stitch and Fred, that is like telling the whole world! Well, I have to go to bed now. I will be back tomorrow.