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It’s a man’s world, Ladies

The creeps are out there and society is stacked against us. Follow this link to HollaBackNYC the reason I say society is stacked against us is exemplified in her statement about not being able to move and no one noticing. Society tells us to act like ‘ladies’ that means, not make a fuss if a guy is pushing up against us, it is rude to yell in the subway, ‘Get off me you pervert!’ And yet that is exactly what we need to do.


Now I know why this didn’t work before! Sometimes I am a real dummy.

Anyway, I went to Lily’s and no one was there. If I hadn’t been running late, I would have gone to Debbie’s, but since it was 9:15 already, I decided to go to Muddy Cup and get a latte. Now I am home and getting ready to wash my bed sheets.

It is raining and dreary today, no one is up but me. I think after I put my sheets in the washer I will take a walk. It is a perfect day for walking.

Well, after taking my sheets to the laundromat to put in the dryer, cause I didn’t want to heat up the basement, it was too warm to walk. Maybe I will in a little bit, after I rest and drink some water, and if M gets home soon. Gwen and I went to Panera then Target, she wanted to look for shelves, I wanted to look for an ankle chain, well, she got her shelves, I got nothing. So I am in my bedroom pouting. Well, not really, but I really don’t feel like doing anything. I am going to check my websites now and I will be back.

O.K. I am a dummy! I ordered the pearls and beads for M’s necklace, and forgot to order anything for my anklet! I think I will go look at what I have in the way of beads and such. I have some left over from the necklaces I made, so I might be able to whip something up. My neck is hurting me now. I need to go to Allsport because I forgot to rinse the conditioner out of my hair last night so now it is stiff and sticky so I need to wash it again. SIGH. Sometimes I amaze myself.

Hi there my friends and readers, I entered a contest to win a book. This is one of the ways to enter, by posting about it on my blog. The books are Tess Gerritsen. Go to Jen’s Bookshelf to see it and enter for yourself. I found out about the contest on Shelfari. I don’t need more books, but I love getting free stuff. Like the free Pill compacts I got from Ortho Tri-Cyclen Low, and the thing to pour your beer to get a perfect head on it, when I don’t drink that brand of beer!