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Too many people. The Q was supposed to make my life easier and reduce crowding on the subway. It doesn’t seem to have worked. I had to wait for a second train because the first was too crowded.

Man with a red bike. Not a folding one a regular one. Which leaves me with the question why take the subway when you have a bike? I know it was cold but I saw other people riding their bikes. If I had a bike I would ride it every chance I got.

Twin girls about 7 years old wearing matching fur leopard prints hats with ears and matching pink coats. One of the girls had matching mittens (to the hat), grey tights and bright blue and pink sneakers. The other girl had pink gloves, pink tights, and pale pink Mary-Janes.


Do you remember the dress?

It was a while ago. Not a super long time but not recent. What color is the dress? It went viral as they say, to the point that a scientist wrote an article about why some people saw one color and some saw another. Even though much attention was brought to it, I never paid it much attention.

One day this week, on the subway, I was standing next to this woman, she was talking to a girl that was sitting down looking at her phone. It looked like mother daughter, so that’s how I’ll write it. The daughter asked her mother to look at a picture on her phone, the first time it was too dark, so the girl adjusted something and showed it to her mother again. I glanced down, it was ‘the dress’. “What color is it?” the daughter asks, “Blue and black” the mother says, the daughter agrees. I looked at the exact same image as the woman, I saw a white and gold dress.


>Seen in New York

>A woman carrying a dressmaker's dummy on the subway. Well it was a stop on 6th avenue. Then she got on the subway and set it on her lap.

Cinderella. Really! She was blond, wearing a blue ball gown and singing. And on her snow boots she had red flashing lights. That's Cinderella, right?

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>I was away too long

>I didn’t tell you about “Timestalks – Rob Thomas, Singer-Songwriter; A conversation about music”, I didn’t get to tell you about the new washer. I missed posting my postcard on PFF. I have it scanned though and I will do it next week.

Timestalks was an interview with Rob Thomas, there was an audience and toward the end they opened it up for questions from the audience. It wasn’t a concert per se, but he brought his guitar and did some playing and singing, and now for the funny. Tigger was attending a lecture at John Jay. Em was getting her nails done so she asked me to walk down there with him. Which I did, then I walked back to meet her at the Timescenter Stage. She went there from her appointment but needed to find a bathroom. So she starts walking down 41st Street. She sees these two rather large men, and with them, Rob Thomas, she was 5 feet from him and didn’t even say hi. She was very upset, so of course I was razzing her, then she would say something like, “This coming from the person who when she met ….. ” It was a fun time.

Sometime in the past week or so the washer died. Completely. Normally D can get it running again, but this time it was a burnt out motor so no way. Thursday, on our way home from the city, Gwen sent Em a text about Em’s anniversary present. D had found a washer somewhere for a fantastic price. Its a front loader, which is what Em wanted, large capacity, also what Em wanted, and has sensors and things so you don’t have to measure the soap. You set the water temp, the type of clothes you are washing, how well you want them spun out. The washer weighs the clothes and puts in the right amount of soap and water. I did my first load tonight, and the clothes were almost dry coming out of the washer, I didn’t notice any nasty lint on them either like with the old washer. It has a hand wash setting. I may put my tights in see how that works.

The old washer was a washer dryer combination, so we no longer have a dryer. I had to clip my socks to hangers to dry them and hang the towels over the bottom of a hanger. I have a drying rack, but no place to put it. I’m am not really going to miss a dryer, I only used it for towels, sheets and socks and it steamed up the basement horribly.

I am pretty sure there was more to say, that is what I get for not blogging all week. Oh, I got a Palm Pre and got in a minor accident. I will have to talk about those things later.

>in other news

>I caught my regular train, so now I have about 2 hours to wait until my doctor’s appointment. Right now I am sitting in Starbucks drinking tea. Somebody just ran by, somebody just ran after him, a chase? More likely they both need the same train so they are running to get a good seat.

Made it to the library after going the wrong way on 5th Avenue. Someday I just might learn my way around. However, as mentioned before, even though I am at a computer I still can’t do the blog posts I had planned since I can’t get to my pictures from here. I have no idea if one can plug a flash drive into these computers, I mean there is a USB port but I don’t know if it is allowed, and I am kind of afraid to ask, since the guy at the desk seemed kind of grumpy. I don’t see anyone else doing it so I doubt it.

On the way to work I went on my phone to my e-mail and asked my father, “Isn’t it time for you to get a new computer so I can have your old one?” Hey, I am not above begging. The other option is no new earring, since I will probably end up having to buy a new laptop myself. Priorities, priorities.

>Some changes

>I have deleted my Twitter account. I just wasn’t using it. Of course now someone told about a cool thing you can do with twitter. Oh well. 

Yesterday I called in sick to work. One of those days I just didn’t feel like getting up. I feel that way a lot. Usually I just get up and deal with it. Yesterday I decided not to. Stayed in bed until noon. I did take a walk, then go with Em to Allsport. When we got there she made a stalking comment. Then she mentioned how I didn’t say anything, I said, “I didn’t even roll my eyes.” She noticed and wanted to know why, I told her, “I realized today that I have 4 pictures of Derek Jeter on my cell phone.” That doesn’t even come close to how many I have on my computer. I think I am approaching that line separating fan from obsessed fan.

>Stopped for breakfast at DD

He’s having a long and animated conversation. But with an empty chair. At least it looks empty to me.

Lost thoughts

I had something I was going to say, I remember thinking, I have to e-mail this to my blog so I can remember it, but that is all I remember. I don’t remember if I thought of something while waiting for the traffic on the bridge or a thought about the girl on the subway with her pants tied into her shoelaces. Or that I tried Fage yogurt for the first time today.

I have been reading British and Scottish authors and I think I am starting to think like them.

I was so mad last night about the governor, and today I have regained my calm. I keep telling myself, this is why man is not meant to rule.

From a Message board post:

Right before Spitzer’s wife stood up beside him I bet she told him, “You think you paid a lot to get screwwed by that hookker? Wait until my lawyers are done with you.”

At least that’s what I would have said.