>I caught my regular train, so now I have about 2 hours to wait until my doctor’s appointment. Right now I am sitting in Starbucks drinking tea. Somebody just ran by, somebody just ran after him, a chase? More likely they both need the same train so they are running to get a good seat.

Made it to the library after going the wrong way on 5th Avenue. Someday I just might learn my way around. However, as mentioned before, even though I am at a computer I still can’t do the blog posts I had planned since I can’t get to my pictures from here. I have no idea if one can plug a flash drive into these computers, I mean there is a USB port but I don’t know if it is allowed, and I am kind of afraid to ask, since the guy at the desk seemed kind of grumpy. I don’t see anyone else doing it so I doubt it.

On the way to work I went on my phone to my e-mail and asked my father, “Isn’t it time for you to get a new computer so I can have your old one?” Hey, I am not above begging. The other option is no new earring, since I will probably end up having to buy a new laptop myself. Priorities, priorities.