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>Pictures around the neighborhood

This is Mount Beacon, yes I know some of you are thinking, that’s a mountain? Hey, I didn’t name it, I just live here. Anyway, I thought the way the sunset turned the trees into something that looks like a red burr haircut on the mountain was kind of cool. The white of course is snow.

And these are clouds. Just clouds.


I have this thing where I feel I need to write things in sequential order. For example, I don’t want to blog about Monday before I blog about the weekend. Not that anything exciting happened either time. Just that my thoughts about Monday have to come after my thoughts about the weekend. Which is kind of stupid, I think, but I still have a problem with it. I could always blog about my weekend now in this e-mail post, but I had pictures to go with it. Not special pictures, just of the mountain and the clouds.

Last night I was going to post the pictures and everything, but I won an award on my other blog so I had to take care of that. Acceptance speech, where to send the money, who to invite to the ceremony, I kid. After I did all that is involved in a blog award it was late and I had to check my messages and then had to reply. There are some people I drop everything to reply to. There are others … well you know. It’ll be a cold day in ….
On Saturday Em and I ordered tires for Amy. Stitch has been having to put air in one of the tires every other day, or every third day, I forget. So the tires are ordered and when they come in he can take the car and get the tires put on. Then we went to Danbury since she wanted to go to Sephora. Of course that is a dangerous place to go for me, I now want some glitter eyeshadow from Urban Decay. I put some on and it looked so cool. OK I now have my happenings out of order, I will just have to deal.
On the way to Danbury she told me D has decided on surgery rather then radiation treatments. Actually she told me Friday, in a text message, in her text message she said, “If momma ain’t happy, nobody’s happy”. Saturday she told me, ‘D told the kids last night he was having surgery.’ It is scheduled for May 4 which coincidentally is the day before their anniversary. I’m guessing, (and this is just a guess, based on previous conversations with her) that when she told him that if he got his parts irradiated, there would be no sex until the radiation was out of his system, he started leaning toward surgery. Sometimes, men are so easy. When they are not being freakin’ idiots that is.
There was more I was going to say, it has departed the brain. Yesterday morning I was 135.8, so I am happy happy. 20 pounds to go to my goal goal, .8 to my first goal. With a little bit to lose, I celebrate every 5 pounds.