>called yourself stupid? I don’t just mean you ran into something and said, “Stupid!” in an annoyed sort of way, I mean yelling at yourself, banging your head against your pillow (excuse me, haven’t you been paying attention? No power, no heat, the only place I can get warm is in my bed, well my car was warm when I was running it to charge my phone, but I only have so much gas) anyway, that was what I was doing last night, ending up with me crying, cause I always cry when someone calls me stupid, even if its me. And the cause of all this? I lost my wallet. Gwen and I went to the store, since we were walking and just going to the corner store I stuck my wallet in my coat pocket, wasted trip since no one had any power and so they weren’t open. When we got home I went to check out the guys clearing off the cars and the driveway, actually it’s our yard since the landlord hasn’t seen fit to give us a paved driveway like he has for the rest of the tenants. Shook off the dogwood, walked through the snow, shoved snow off the car into where Stitch was shoveling, earning a ‘look’ from him and an “I hate you Bella.” In other words I was having fun. Took some pictures and got stuck in the snow, then climbed over the hood of the car to get out. Then last night I was looking for my wallet, it wasn’t in my coat pocket and I couldn’t find it upstairs, of course I was looking by flashlight.

Once I remembered what was in my wallet, my monthly rail pass for March, then the self-name-calling began. I didn’t sleep as I was trying to figure out how I was going to pay for another monthly pass ($400). Got up this morning, did you know I can put my contacts in by flashlight? I’ve done it two times now. Can’t put make-up on by flashlight though, have to work on that.

So to finish the wallet story, by our back door we have this cabinet that D built, cabinet on legs with a granite top, very nice looking, then a cabinet above the bottom cabinet with space inbetween where our microwave sits. In front of the microwave were my gloves, which I had also been looking for, sitting on top of the gloves was my wallet. Crisis over. That crisis, we still don’t have power and there was an 8.5 magnitude earthquake in Chili. So I can be thankful for finding my wallet and thankful that the ground under NYC is not moving, it just feels like because of the subway.

Oh and I am posting this from the NYC Public Library, you know, the building with the lions in front of it. Where its warm and they have power!