>Everytime Em and I go to Manhattan, I say, to myself usually, that I am going to blog about it Sunday. Everytime. And here I am again, a week later and nothing is written about it. Not to mention all the other things I have floating around in my head waiting to be blogged about. I have these wonderfully written posts written in my head and that is exactly where they stay, in my head until they disappear and then I sit here thinking, Now what was I going to say?

The last time we went to the city, which was a week ago yesterday, don’t want anyone to get their Saturdays confused here, we took Tigger and Fred. It had snowed and they wanted to see Central Park covered in snow, they also wanted to go to the Apple Store. When we got to GCT, Em was leaving for her nail appointment, leaving the boys with me, and they wanted to leave. I told them, I have to have my tea and yogurt from Starbucks, they wanted to know if they could start off and I catch up, Em and I both said, “NO”. So they waited. We left GCT and as we were walking down 42nd Street to 5th Avenue, one of them says, “I need a bathroom.” HUH? Weren’t we just at GCT, where there are bathrooms and why didn’t you say something then? ‘I didn’t have to go then.’ So So SO aggravating. The only place I could think of to take them was the library, and then I walked the wrong way on 5th Ave. Then I told them not to lose sight of me, and they said they didn’t, but I couldn’t see them. I was a little annoyed. Then in the park they started kicked a snow clot around. It got smaller and smaller until it was no more, no problem, they just got another. I was annoyed, as Em said later, she would have just ignored them. But since I’m not their mother, I don’t have that luxury. I tried to ignore them, watching the seals swim around and around, don’t they know how cold it is? Then Tigger gave me the camera, because he didn’t want anything to happen to it in his quest for revenge. Then Fred came back to stand between me and the fence, away from Tigger and when I looked at Tigger he had ice on his face and he was bleeding. When I told him that, he announced that Fred was now dead. This video was taken with my cell phone.

The cuts on his face from the ice weren’t that bad, and his eye didn’t swell up too bad, and he did eventually forgive his brother. Em met up with us in the park, pretty steamed up because she had a hard time finding us. Partially my fault, I told her we were near Wollman Rink. I said that because there was a sign with an arrow, guess we weren’t really that close to it. We took a carriage ride through the park (Em had promised Fred), with a smelly rug that was supposed to keep our legs warm. The driver pointing out where all the celebrities owned apartments. None of them were celebrities we cared about.

We finished up the day meeting a friend of the boys at Annie Moore’s for dinner. Em was proud of herself for not getting a scotch. Next up I will tell you about yesterday. Not nearly as exciting.