>MetroNorth is back on their regular schedule today. They definitely know how to operate in the frozen north. The most trouble I had getting to work was the ice on the sidewalk between the subway stop and the office and the ice in the parking lot – slip sliding away -.

That is not to say I had a good start to my day. I overslept so I missed my train, have a wicked headache, guy next to me on the train dropped something (no idea what) on my leg and the last thing, I got to work at 8:10, my boss was already in and when he came out of his office at 8:15 he said ‘Good afternoon’. Way to piss me off! Total shit.

On the plus side, I do know some nice guys, one reminded me about pitcher & catchers & spring training, the other one agreed that ‘men are pretty much dogs’. Yeah but some are lovable dogs.