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>Sometimes I feel like this blog has turned into a commuter's journal, then I think that it seems like all I do is commute. I have no life outside of my job and the train. One could argue that my trying to find some kind of life outside of that is why I stay up late and so then oversleep, but I am not sure that is the reason. In truth I can't think of a reason, but maybe I can't think because I am so tired.

This morning I tried to blame Stitch for my missing the train since he didn't brush thesnow off the car when he started it. But then the reasonable voice in my head (as opposed to the one I normally listen to) pipes up with the comment that if I had left the house when I was supposed to I would have made it to the train on time since there really wasn't that much snow, and I can't really be mad at Stitch since he did help, not sit in the car like he has done in the past.