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>Still powerless

>I am sitting in my car, sometime today I remembered that I had a charger for my phone that plugs into my car’s power outlet, so I am charging my phone. Without internet access this is the only way I can reach out to my friends. I am sure some are saying ‘What a whiney brat, why doesn’t she just shut up?’. Those people can just go read another blog, no don’t leave! I’ll be good, I promise.

Even though I can send e-mails to post, I haven’t been able to read anybody elses blogs (and this phone doesn’t have spell check). Em and I are going to the city tomorrow and I will be going to the library to use their computers, but they have a 45 minute limit on the computer and that is nowhere near long enough for what I want to do online.

Well I have to check Facebook, twitter and ditl, then I am turning my phone off so it can charge.


>We got a lot of snow. A freaking ton of it. OK maybe not that much. Power was flickering on and off last night, it ended with it being off, forecast two days till it is back on. So no power, no heat (I actually want the cat to sleep on me right now) and what is really killing me? No internet! See you soon!