>My old boss Gary (not his real name) sent me an e-mail. Actually, he had mentioned getting together again the last time we had lunch, so the e-mail was to tell me he couldn’t make it the day he suggested. He wanted to go the next Friday since it was Restaurant Week in NYC.

That didn’t work out either, however I noticed the website said some restaurants were extending the week to the end of the month. The restaurant I wanted to go to was Angelo & Maxie’s Steakhouse on Park Ave South at 19th Street which I had never been to, but I have been to Maxie’s Grill around the corner. I called them and I was told, “Yes the Restaurant week prices are in effect for the whole month.” So I made a reservation for last Friday, the 12th, for Gary and me. In case you don’t know what Restaurant Week is, twice a year restaurants offer three-course, prix-fixe meals for $24.07 for lunch, $35 for dinner. The first week in February is one of the times it is offered.

The first course was a choice of House or Caesar Salad or Soup of the Day. Gary had the House Salad and I had Split Pea Soup. The salad was huge, and I got a full bowl of soup. I hadn’t finished it by the time the second course got there. Second course was choice of Grilled Filet Mignon (au poivre or béarnaise available)
Charbroiled New York Sirloin Steak
1 ½ pound Herb-Roasted Chicken
Broiled Salmon over Fresh Sautéed Vegetables

Gary got the NY Strip and I got the Filet Mignon with nothing on it. It was cooked to perfection and oh so tender. I ate every bite. Dessert was a choice of Cheesecake, Ice cream or Fresh Fruit. I got the Cheesecake, Gary got the Fresh Fruit, I think, to tell the truth, I was at the end of my very large Makers Mark Manhattan and he could have gotten just about anything and I wouldn’t have noticed. Anyway, the cheesecake was a chocolate marbled cheesecake and drizzled with raspberry sauce. It was also very delicious. And the service was impeccable, our server was pleasant, we were not ignored at any time during the meal. We got a basket of bread at almost the instant we sat down, someone came by to take our drink order even before the server got to us, dishes were picked up when done, crumbs were swept off the table when they took the dishes.

When we left Gary wanted to walk up Madison because, that’s where all the bars are. We found two right away, the first one I don’t remember the name, I do remember it is over a hundred years old and the barmaid was Irish. They also had Rugby jerseys up on the wall and Arkansas Razerback stuff. Quite interesting. The other bar is pictured here, I have more pictures in my slideshow in my sidebar, including the ‘country’ decor and an old railroad train car(I think that is what it was). We ended our trip at the Mexican place in GCT where Gary had his usual margarita and I had my Kahlúa and cream.