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I spent Saturday night at my old place. I used to rage against people who said I lived upstate, “I don’t live upstate, I live in the Hudson Valley.” Saturday when Em was in the city and the Greenpeace guy was asking us for money, the first question they always ask is “Where are you from?” Em answers, “Upstate.” So ….

I slept in my old bedroom, except it wasn’t my old bedroom. The bed was where my sewing machine used to be, they actually turned the two rooms into one, so there is a sleeping area and a sitting area, so Sarah can have a friend over. Em got corn and roasted it on the grill. It was so good, but I was sick, I am still sick. Blech.

Yankees lost on Sunday, CC went on the DL, I told Alex, “The Yankees are doomed, that means no more half-price Papa John’s.” His reply was they better start winning again because he wants his pizza!

So my head is going to explode anytime now. I should post the rest of my pictures before that happens.


Toxic Waste

This candy is at Dylan’s Candy Bar. The first time I saw it I didn’t buy any, but I thought of a little boy (almost 25) who would like it. Today I had to go up to the Hudson Valley for services for a friend who died. So I went to Dylan’s last night so I could get all the kids some candy. For Stitch I got Nerds rope, I got Sweetarts, root beer barrels, and jolly ranchers. Of course they didn’t really need all that candy, but I like getting it for them. Since I don’t live there anymore it makes a treat for them, that is the way I feel about it. Not only that but it’s hard to find the Nerds rope and Stitch really really like them. He also likes sour candy.

When I picked up the candy, I noticed there was a warning on the candy, I had never seen that. When I gave to Stitch, I had actually decided I wanted to keep them but he wouldn’t let go of the can. He ate one, then gave one to me. As I was leaving he said, “I need to give my mouth a break.” I asked him how many he had eaten. He grinned, “3”. Yes, he really loves sour candy.

Nasty rainy Wednesday

It’s been said that a bad day at golf is better then a good day at work. Today would have been a very bad day at golf. It was raining and nasty, cold too. So was it better for me then going to work? Well lets see ….

Lunch was at 12:30 p.m. so I had to get up at 11:00 a.m., so I could go get a latte from the coffee shop. Then I got a free lunch at Panera. I was home when the UPS guy delivered my new Yankee jacket that I ordered from the MLB store, but it was nasty and rainy!

The afternoon was a series of frustrations. While at lunch I got hummus on my shirt so I had to wash it when I got home. Yes even me, the gigantic slob, know you have to wash your clothes when you get food on them. So I got some clothes together and put them in the washer. I started straightening up my room, actually I was looking for something. Anyway, …..

First Fred called, he wanted me to come get him at Ron’s and ‘bring money’. So I did that, of course it wasn’t a quick trip because he wanted ice cream from Ron’s, and not just a quick cone of ice cream, it had to be something that had to be made. When I got home I put my ice cream in the freezer because I had clothes to take care of. First I had to put my dry clothes away, then hang up the wet clothes.

As I started to put away clothes I got a text from Gwen, she needed someone to take her to the laundrymat to dry the towels. So I did that, of course I couldn’t just drop her off, I had to stay with her.

When I finally got home and got done, I got my ice cream out of the freezer to eat it. Of course by then it was dinner time so I got a glare from Em for eating ice cream instead of ‘real food’. I didn’t let it bother me. Would you?

And that’s all, says she. 😛

Keeping my promise

Last week I said that I was going to post every trip Em and I made to the city. The only problem I have is coming up with new and original titles. Also right now, I don’t know if the problem is with WordPress or my router, but I am losing posts. It is very annoying but because that is happening, this post may not be what I want it to be, as in, not as long and no pictures, since the pictures seem to be the problem. For instance, I have been trying to get my review post done for almost an hour and a half. It’s not the writing that is taking so long, it is getting the pictures in the post! There again, I don’t know if it’s my browser or WordPress.

It is making me so frustrated, I can’t even remember what I was going to say here.

All right, my reviews are posted. So Saturday, we got a late start, I had to go to Weight Watchers (up 0.6 pounds) and Em was not feeling great. Fred came with us, I never got a reason as to why, not that I care. First off we stopped at the soupman. Fred kept saying he wanted soup from the ‘Original’ soupman, so we went, Em had a groupon. I got black bean and he got Lobster bisque. On the wall was a T.V. with clips from Seinfeld, every so often a quote from an episode featuring the Soupman was shown and I would laugh, then we would have to explain why it was funny to Fred. After we finished the soup we walked to Bon Chon Chicken for lunch. Another groupon, before we get finished with Em’s groupons, we will probably have eaten in every part of Manhattan. Make sure to check out my review of Bon Chon here.

Next was Em’s appointment to get her nails done, Fred was getting a manicure also. We were early, so we stopped at the Yankee store since I had promised Em a sweatshirt for opening day. She didn’t find any she liked, but I found a navy blue jersey that was half price. While she was getting her gel manicure and Fred was getting a plain manicure, I went to wait for him at Starbucks across from the nail salon, thinking I would go online and check my e-mail, track my food for the day, guess what? It wasn’t working. I was frustrated. After Fred was done he came over to Starbucks and we went to the library, where I let him use the computer and I went online there with my iPod. Such fun, I don’t know what he did, but I checked in with four-square, and what else I don’t remember.

We took the subway to SoHo. It was cold Saturday and I don’t think Em was feeling very well. The original plan was for Em to go look at earrings, by that time she had changed her mind, one because Ashley wasn’t going to be there and two because of the cost. But we still wanted tea so we went to Harney and Sons. Check out my review here. I also bought tea, so as soon as I finish my chocolate rose tea, I can start drinking my Irish Breakfast. The other Irish Breakfast I currently have is going to feed the plants.

We had one last groupon we used, for dinner, at a pizza place called zPizza. According to Em it is in Greenwich Village but the website says it is in the West Village. I didn’t write a review, it is small and you can buy a slice of pizza already made, or you can pick your crust, your sauce, your cheese and your toppings for a custom made pizza. When we were done, once again we headed for the subway instead of just walking up to Grand Central. When we got there we had to go outside because Fred wanted to try on these shoes he saw at Models. They are ‘toe’ shoes, remember toe socks? Well these look creepier. Then to the train, then home and I was so tired, I took my shower and went to bed. Didn’t even turn on the computer.

Sunday headache

This morning I got up to go out in service, but started feeling bad so I laid back down, then M called and I told her I wasn’t feeling well she was “I wish you had told me”, so I started to feel like a bad friend, so I got dressed and went out, but she had already left and so I didn’t get to work with her. I didn’t get to talk to anybody. But had an ok time, but by the time I got home, I had a headache and was feeling like I wanted to throw up. I went to the meeting anyway, Gwen drove me, then she drove me home early cause I wasn’t feeling any better. I am now, I had some caffeine.

Tigger just asked if he could download an album from the Frey with Pepsi points. I shouldn’t have told him we had 80 Pepsi points.

Gwen and I went to Ron’s. We got ice cream for ourselves and Stitch and Tigger, Fred wasn’t around, now Tigger wants to go driving. I really don’t, my head is STILL killing me.

Took Tigger driving, he just wanted to drive around the block since he hadn’t driven in ‘like two months’, so I was cool with that. Then I laid down and fell asleep, with my contacts in again! Now they are out so everything is blurry. Sometimes that is a good thing.

Like I told someone, tea with Splenda will cure almost anything. It took care of my tummy. Didn’t take care of my smelly pits, neither did the powder so when I finish here I will have to go wash before bed. I have decided I am going to read my Jack London, just because I have nothing else to read tomorrow and they are short.

Hello again.

How r u

Gwen and I were in the park when I sent that. I wanted to say more, but she didn’t want to sit where we were anymore, so I just sent that short message.

Today I stayed home from work, not real sick, just had a crampy kind of stomach this morning and I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to handle the morning commute. When I felt better I got up and walked to DD’s for breakfast. Tigger gave me the idea, he sent me a text saying he was at DD’s and had ‘saved’ three fishes. This was the first thing I saw when I came upstairs though, this cat being scratched by Stitch. He says Abigail has problems, but he’s the one that kept scratching her belly.

So I walked to DD’s. Then, since I didn’t feel like going home, I walked to the park, unfortunately it started raining. So when I got to the park, I went to Ron’s instead and called the house to have Stitch come get me. Fred answered the phone, and when I said “Have Stitch come get me its raining”, he said “OK” and hung up. I kept my phone out, in a little while, Gwen called to find out where I was so Stitch could come get me.

Gwen and I went to Dick’s for Crocs, she got a different pair than the picture I posted below. She was saying that the styles she likes are in ugly colors. I picked up a pair of dark blue with a light blue sole, and said, “This is a pretty color.” She tried them on and they fit, so I bought them for her and she put them on in the car. Then she stated she needed “Paint chips” to decide what color to paint her end table. Right now it has carousel horses and she wants it to look not so little girl. So we went to Lowes for paint colors, then we went to Target for garbage bags and candy for Tigger, we kind of promised him candy if he would take a picture of Sarah’s new lamp so we could match the color, then we couldn’t find the kind he likes. While at Target, we saw gift cards and decided to get one for Fred, who is having his moving up ceremony tonight. When we came home, a semi-truck was hung up on tracks and we couldn’t get in. Gwen suggested we park across the street, I didn’t think she meant we could park and walk across, I am pretty stupid sometimes, so we went to the park, parked in the picnic area because there was a bad smell in the parking lot and walked to Ron’s. Then I mentioned we could park across the street and walk home. Gwen said, yeah, that’s what I meant.

M asked Gwen and I to cash in coins for Fred’s Cold Stone Cake, we took them to Hannaford’s to use the coinstar machine there.

M, Gwen and I went to the moving up ceremony for Fred’s class, so many kids screamed when Fred’s name was called out, I couldn’t believe it. More than for Tigger. After the ceremony I took M and Fred to Vereens for Bible Study, Gwen came home with me, she had headache from being in the theater. After they got home we ate ice cream cake and watched a Spencer DVD.


This is the kind of picture Tigger likes to send me. His white foot with a tan leg. I told him now he had a line for amputation, he LOL at that.

I had this enormous message all typed out on my phone and it didn’t send! That is the problem with using my phone, if the message doesn’t send, I totally lose it.

I don’t know if this e-mail system will send, I may just have to save it and send it later. Anyway, I am having lunch in because I am wearing my high-heeled Crocs and didn’t feel like walking. I have plenty of food. Cherries and salad with cheese and canadian bacon and lots and lots of water. Tigger has been sending me messages with his AOL account because he is playing with his PDA.

M.M.s in Permits mother died so they are passing around a card and collecting money. I didn’t give any because the person collecting didn’t know what it was being used for, I told him, I only give money if I know where it is going, and he said OK, didn’t seem to be bothered. Anyway, I should go eat the rest of my lunch now. I am going to save this, try to send it and copy it to my GW e-mail and send it here. Just in case.

Well it worked, I don’t have to copy and paste from my e-mail account I just have to go to my e-mail and delete it. I also have to find out how to print to D.s printer. He said I could, but I have no idea how to do it.

When I got home, Fred was on the swing, so here is our new swing.

Updating & checking

So I hope this goes through. I am using my phone to access Hotmail. I hope v-cast is right so I don’t get charged for this.

Saturday was the SPCA dog parade. The middle school marching band was there so we were there.

Sunday was sad. In January no more separate bookstudy, it is going to be before the ministry school. M said they had to decide if they should raise Bethelites allowances or reduce their expenses. They decided to reduce expenses!

It is raining today and l missed the early train. Tigger has already sent me a text asking for cinnamon. I bought him some at the deli. I sent him a text message saying I bought some cinnamon for you. I got the regular kind for you at the store with the dusty tins.

I was down this morning, don’t know how much I haven’t tracked it yet. I am getting back into my weight training, that is what really makes the difference for me.


I went to Allsport this evening. D and the boys (the two youngest) went to play racquetball. The texts Tigger sent me seem to indicate they had a good time. He said D was going to get a membership so they would be there more often.

I did some more typing on my other blog. I am describing the craft items and how I made them, where I got the ideas etc.

I am getting ready for bed and am starting to get stomach ache. Probably from what I am eating. I am going to drink a big glass of water and then go to bed. It will be a good thing to go to sleep before midnight.


This is my 69th post on this blog. I don’t know how many were on my other.

Today started like any other Saturday, I went to Lily’s this morning. Then came home, then I sent a text message to M asking about going to Allsport. She wasn’t sure, but then Tigger asked about taking him to Outback to meet M. I called her and she said Outback or Chili’s, so we ended up at Chili’s, Fred wanted to come. Anyway, I ate one of their new bacon cheeseburgers, sooo good, but way to much! Then we each had a sweet shot for dessert. Fred and Tigger each had a chocolate one. I had the cheesecake and M had the apple.

M took Fred home and I took Tigger to Staples so he could play with “his” new PDA. I bought some Sharpie retractable marker and hi-lighters. I missed the bank so I couldn’t cash that huge check from the insurance company. M & D were gone when we got home, I did this and that, checked my e-mail and saw that the schedule on the flight to Washington was changed and so I had to call. They had allowed us 15 minutes to change planes in Atlanta. So I called them to change it. The new time makes it easier for my parents.

Then Gwen, Tigger and me went for a walk. We ended up at the creek, then walked back home along the railroad tracks. We saw some old cars, a microwave, a TV, an air conditioner, some lawn furniture, an animal skeleton. Then Tigger wanted to keep walking until we got to Glenham. We didn’t and my legs were hurting when we got home.

Right now on the BTF thread we are having a Cyber Road Trip. I have never seen the thread this busy, everybody is getting in on it! I just posted so I have to wait for the page to load to see what other craziness is going on.


This pretty tabby cat has been hanging around our basement door and meowing and trying to get in our house. It is a new cat, not one of the usual strays. It is also an indoor cat and I have no idea why it is outside. Anyway the kids want to adopt her and call her Molly, but I am leery because she is a strange cat, although very clean looking and friendly as can be. She could have worms or she might have been put out of her owners house cause she was peeing all over we just don’t know.

M said she is going to put ads in the paper to try to find her owner. She is a real sweet girl. She has been inside, but M won’t let her stay in at night. Today she bought a litter box for her, but is still saying she hasn’t decided if she is staying.