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Blurry day

One day last week I went to work without putting my contacts in. I noticed something was wrong when I was standing on the subway platform and couldn’t read the signs. Don’t ask me how I got from my apartment to the subway without noticing nothing was in focus, apparently my brain was in a fog and my legs were on autopilot. After all the subway is always in the same place.

Going shopping after work was an adventure and I discovered advantages and disadvantages to shopping without glasses. The disadvantage was not being able to see down the aisles and having to walk down each one to find canned black beans. The advantage was being able to read the labels without putting on my reading glasses.


I’m back!!

So once again I have become negligent in my blogging and am having to play catch up. It won’t be easy this weekend since I am going to see Green Lantern with Gwen on Friday, going to NYC on Saturday with Em and then going to see the Staten Island Yankees on Monday. Plus the Yankees have no off days coming up.

Tonight I had to type posts on about 4 games that I was behind. Now that I’m caught up there,

My phone is here, I spent all last evening getting my apps loaded and my books downloaded and my music synced. Then I forgot it at home when I went to work. Not only that, I twisted my ankle running to catch the train. I didn’t really hurt my ankle, just scraped the side of it with the strap on my shoe.

Yesterday morning my right eye was completely blood shot. It is still a little bit red but I can’t wear my contacts. Tomorrow I am wearing mascara and eyeliner. Mainly because I don’t think make-up is the cause of this.

Not much else to say. I think I will look a the pictures on my camera to make up for the missing posts.

Sunday headache

This morning I got up to go out in service, but started feeling bad so I laid back down, then M called and I told her I wasn’t feeling well she was “I wish you had told me”, so I started to feel like a bad friend, so I got dressed and went out, but she had already left and so I didn’t get to work with her. I didn’t get to talk to anybody. But had an ok time, but by the time I got home, I had a headache and was feeling like I wanted to throw up. I went to the meeting anyway, Gwen drove me, then she drove me home early cause I wasn’t feeling any better. I am now, I had some caffeine.

Tigger just asked if he could download an album from the Frey with Pepsi points. I shouldn’t have told him we had 80 Pepsi points.

Gwen and I went to Ron’s. We got ice cream for ourselves and Stitch and Tigger, Fred wasn’t around, now Tigger wants to go driving. I really don’t, my head is STILL killing me.

Took Tigger driving, he just wanted to drive around the block since he hadn’t driven in ‘like two months’, so I was cool with that. Then I laid down and fell asleep, with my contacts in again! Now they are out so everything is blurry. Sometimes that is a good thing.

Like I told someone, tea with Splenda will cure almost anything. It took care of my tummy. Didn’t take care of my smelly pits, neither did the powder so when I finish here I will have to go wash before bed. I have decided I am going to read my Jack London, just because I have nothing else to read tomorrow and they are short.

Lazy then busy

Lazed in bed, just didn’t want to get up today, but I did and cooked some eggs and went to the meeting with the family. Stitch and Tigger are sick. M and I took them to the walk-in clinic. They said they both have colds, but Tigger keeps spiking a fever. M said they (the clinic people) didn’t want to run any tests. She was concerned because of the asthma and because some friends had strep throat last week. Now, that I have this started, I need to go do something with my laundry. I will be back.

Just one thing before I go, I found out why my contact was bothering me, it had a split in it. A big one, so I had to put in new contacts this morning. Sorry about the gas.

It is now 1:06 am, I started reading a book and now I have to go finish my laundry, I am such a dunce. M wants to go to Allsport in the morning. I don’t know what else, oh, the family is going to Patterson to have lunch with Bill and Faye. So I have to finish quickly and go to bed. I will be back to talk to you later.

I Love My Crocs!