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Last time, I hope

Wednesday I had a doctor’s appointment, a followup on my treatment for the warts on my feet. I was sure my right foot was completely free of warts and the doctor agreed with me. However the one on my left foot is being stubborn so the doctor froze it again. Of course I am a big baby so I am whining about it.

The doctor’s office is in the Flatiron area of the city so after my appointment I went down to get my ear checked. My last piercing is hurting and oozing so I wanted Ashley to look at it. She wasn’t there but the other piercer looked at it and put a longer post on. Hopefully with a little room the swelling will go down. He also loosened the blue diamond earring because that one was being a little ‘cranky’ as well. Then of course I had to get tea and scones.

Coming home was the real problem, the subway stopped at 86th. I wanted to get home so I got off and walked home from there. My foot didn’t appreciate that and complained the whole way home. It’s still complaining, I may have to take some Aleve.

Now it is way past my bedtime. If I don’t sleep soon, I won’t make it to work tomorrow.


Street Fairs

These are glass pendants, they are very popular at the street fairs. You can usually find a table in every block. They are also really cheap, most are $3 with $1 for the cord to hang them on. They are sold separately so you can match whatever color in the pendant you want with a cord. I have 3 that I got from street fairs and one that I got from a street vendor.

These are two of my necklaces. For some reason I keep getting heart shaped ones.

Spending the day in the city is always nice, we got a late start since the only thing planned, that we had a definite time for was the baseball game.

Em needed to get her ears checked, she mentioned to Ashley that I had a new hole and she was jealous. Ashley said she was going to make a rule that we had to come in together only. To avoid fighting I guess. We had lunch at a place called Corner Shop around the corner from the jewelry store where Ashley works. It was kind of a health food, organic food type of cozy little restaurant, omelets with mushrooms and spinach, breakfast burritos wrapped with whole wheat tortillas and chicken sausage. Good tasty food.

So then we took the subway up to Yankee Stadium for the ball game. Yankees lost, there was extra drama regarding one of the players. And we were sitting next to a section full of RedSox fans. When I got home I was so tired, that is why I am writing this on Sunday instead of Saturday evening.

This title is sort of misleading since Em and I have not stopped our bi-weekly trips to Manhattan, what stopped was I stopped writing about them. Last year was not a good year for blogging for me, this year I have recommitted and decided that every trip will be followed up with a blog post.

Also I will be bringing my camera, which I haven’t done in a while and taking pictures. Not a lot probably, but enough to give you an idea of what we are doing. Em has a lot of food groupons, that is why we will be eating at a variety of places. Saturday lunch was at Oaxaca, 16 Extra Place, Manhattan. It is just a little fast food Mexican place, we each had two chicken molé enchiladas. They were so good, spicy hot with flavor. It’s going on our list, just have to remember where it is. Then we headed to NoHo to see Ashley. Em had to take out her piercings, and one of them was all red now. I wanted to go to the tea place that Ashley tweets about all the time. Em said sure since we didn’t have an agenda. After getting the address from Ashley we headed to Broome St.

We had already had lunch, but decided a little snack was in order, after all it was COLD Saturday and I was still having sinus and asthma problems. Friday was so nice, Saturday was not. So we got tea with scones. The scones were served with cream and jam, thick cream like butter. All very yummy. Em got mint chocolate tea, I got Chinese Black Tea, Golden Snail I think it was called. Em bought some tea and I bought a tall tea cup with an infuser and a lid.

Next stop was a fabric store, that was closed. That turned out to be o.k. because it wasn’t fabric for clothes it was fabric to home furnishing, so now Em can replace the curtains. Dinner was at a place called MotherBurger. It was quite different from Harney and Sons, which was relaxing and quiet, MotherBurger was loud and crowded. But the burgers were good, exactly to order and not to huge.

Our last stop was at Annie Moore’s. Is there any better way to end a day then with bourbon and chocolate cake? Well Em would say scotch and chocolate cake. Of course it wasn’t really the end because we ended up with a sighting of our strange friend with the long spike of hair, red and blue plaid, and some train drama. We had to wait in Harlem for an ambulance for someone on the train.

Speaking of Harlem, does anyone know of any safe neighborhoods for a little white girl to live?


I have more questions then a kid. I think it’s because I’ve had more time to come up with them. My question today is when you are sick it is called being under the weather. Why is that? And what weather are you under? Are you under good weather or bad weather? I probably could find the answer if I googled, but I don’t feel like it.

Mainly because I am under the weather. It started as a sinus infection. Now the sinuses seem to be clearing up and I have a wicked sore throat and a tightness in my chest. A trip to the doctor is probably in order, except I want my sinus infection to be completely gone. If it’s not gone, my doctor is going to want to do another MRI. Something I do not want to do, I have all these earrings and they are a pain (one of them literally) to take out and put back in. So I am waiting.

On the bright side, it does give me something to blog about.

Going down,

139.2 this morning. YAY! Keep going down.

As we were waiting for the train to leave, this man, who was sitting on the other side, had his cell phone glued to his ear. The announcement came over the P.A. system, ‘This is the express train to Poughkeepsie making stops at . . .’, all of a sudden this man shouts, ‘What? This train doesn’t stop at Croton?’ He jumps up grabs his bag and leaves. It was so sudden and unexpected we laughed.

OK, trying again. My jewelry came, and I had to listen to the no personal mail speech, because I believe in, it’s easier to be forgiven then get permission. I promise to never do it again, or at least until Zales has another clearance sale.

So I had a pretty productive day, I went to work, I came home, hung my clothes out that I put in the laundry this morning, yes, this morning! Put another load in, the last load of M’s. Then I went to the meeting, was almost on time. Came home, called my mom back, she has called twice. Cleaned both cat boxes, pulled the dehumidifier out from D’s workroom and plugged it in. Oh and I fought off Abigail. I also gave Papuga a piece of pineapple, I am trying the bribery route. She is funny, she took the pineapple, then dropped it, then gave me this look like ‘oops’

My new phone has over 100 text messages in it. I am not deleting until I find out how many it will hold. Well, I have to go now. This is post #200.

To the gym, to the gym

M and I went to the gym. Although I love M., when she goes I have to go on the elliptical instead of the AMT. Oh well, at least I went.

Today I tried the cinnamon splenda in my oatmeal and it was so good! I think I’m in love.

I just downloaded 4 songs for Tigger and ordered the rest of the beads I need to make my necklace. When I make my necklace, I am going to fix M.’s necklace. It got broken when her luggage was searched when she went to Florida.

I have to go shower now, I will be back later, maybe today, maybe not.

More lost thoughts

So here I am again wondering what I was thinking I would write that now I can’t remember. The rash is gone from my eyes. I never found my contact but my eye sometimes feels like something is in it. I don’t know what to do about it. The Mimyx cream did not work so I have to use the cortisone ointment on my eye, which the doctor is not happy about. I got my beads from Artbeads and really need to check them to see if I need to order any more but I haven’t even opened the package. This weekend for sure. Friday is the play, it is one I have seen before, but I will still enjoy it I’m sure.

Thanksgiving Day

Of course I don’t celebrate this holiday but I am enjoying a day off. Watching Cold Case Files and being online. I ordered the parts for my car finally. I found them on Amazon.

I ordered beads because my Medic Alert bracelet broke. I also sent an e-mail to Medic Alert and I got an answer back that I can send it to them and they will replace it. I think I will order another bracelet so I have a spare in case this happens again, I have no idea how long that will take.

I also ordered beads to make a necklace. Spent a lot of money lately I know. Well I have to go now I am down to half power.

Obviously the plans to see Autumn Rush fell through. I am going to see where it is playing.

Tuesday Progress Notes

I made it to 18, the last 4 in a bowl of ice cream. The website says it is 5 points, but since I had 6 activity points I don’t really care. What makes me mad is I had this all typed out and the blog shut down on me. Now I have to retype it and it is difficult because I am trying to type with white gloves on! I have white gloves on because my fingers are all cracked so I put Neosporin on the tips. Anyway, when I climb the stairs in my building (work) I can make it to the 8th floor before I have to rest. I posted to that thread I mentioned in an earlier post in this blog and told them I was wearing my “skinny” jeans. Suzzy congratulated me. At All Sport I weighed 132.25. I couldn’t weigh myself at home because they were having the book study. Tomorrow is Nick’s concert.

This is a necklace I designed and made. There are some things I don’t like about it. If I ever make another I will fix the things I don’t like.