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Wearable art.

Here is how the necklace looks on me. Nancy says she has a round one like it also from Spain that her mother had. She took it with her when she and Wayne went to Spain and she got earrings to match. The woman told her they never change the designs, thats how she was able to get earrings to match.


I finished my necklace. I may have already said that. Well anyway, I took some pictures and am going to post them here. The pendant is from Spain. Steve sent it to me. It was originally on a gold chain that I am now using to wear my locket since the chain from the locket is ruined. So I did up this beaded necklace. I think I did a good job mixing the colors.

To the gym, to the gym

M and I went to the gym. Although I love M., when she goes I have to go on the elliptical instead of the AMT. Oh well, at least I went.

Today I tried the cinnamon splenda in my oatmeal and it was so good! I think I’m in love.

I just downloaded 4 songs for Tigger and ordered the rest of the beads I need to make my necklace. When I make my necklace, I am going to fix M.’s necklace. It got broken when her luggage was searched when she went to Florida.

I have to go shower now, I will be back later, maybe today, maybe not.

Tuesday Progress Notes

I made it to 18, the last 4 in a bowl of ice cream. The website says it is 5 points, but since I had 6 activity points I don’t really care. What makes me mad is I had this all typed out and the blog shut down on me. Now I have to retype it and it is difficult because I am trying to type with white gloves on! I have white gloves on because my fingers are all cracked so I put Neosporin on the tips. Anyway, when I climb the stairs in my building (work) I can make it to the 8th floor before I have to rest. I posted to that thread I mentioned in an earlier post in this blog and told them I was wearing my “skinny” jeans. Suzzy congratulated me. At All Sport I weighed 132.25. I couldn’t weigh myself at home because they were having the book study. Tomorrow is Nick’s concert.

This is a necklace I designed and made. There are some things I don’t like about it. If I ever make another I will fix the things I don’t like.