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Street Fairs

These are glass pendants, they are very popular at the street fairs. You can usually find a table in every block. They are also really cheap, most are $3 with $1 for the cord to hang them on. They are sold separately so you can match whatever color in the pendant you want with a cord. I have 3 that I got from street fairs and one that I got from a street vendor.

These are two of my necklaces. For some reason I keep getting heart shaped ones.

Wearable art.

Here is how the necklace looks on me. Nancy says she has a round one like it also from Spain that her mother had. She took it with her when she and Wayne went to Spain and she got earrings to match. The woman told her they never change the designs, thats how she was able to get earrings to match.


I finished my necklace. I may have already said that. Well anyway, I took some pictures and am going to post them here. The pendant is from Spain. Steve sent it to me. It was originally on a gold chain that I am now using to wear my locket since the chain from the locket is ruined. So I did up this beaded necklace. I think I did a good job mixing the colors.