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Snowpacalypse is a ‘new’ word, a made up word combining ‘snow’ with apocalypse, which shows you how much they (the ones that made it up) know since they spelled it wrong. It’s also a word i hate and never wanted to use. I find it distasteful to use a word that refers to God’s judgment for a weather event. It’s a blizzard, let’s stick with that.

While i’m on my soapbox, why are we naming storms? Hurricanes are named because there are several in a season, there are five lists of names to rotate between the years and the names are in alphabetical order. That’s how you know if it was a particularly bad year, if you can a hurricane Tanya, that was a bad year. This naming of blizzards is rather haphazard. Winter Storm Jonas? Why not just ‘the January blizzard of 2016’ if you are worried there might be more. ‘The blizzard of 2015-16 winter’ if this is the only one.

I knew it had snowed before i opened my eyes, the snow plows on 2nd Avenue woke me. When i look at my windows i can see snow on my windowsills. The snow plows came by again so it must still be snowing, i haven’t looked out my windows yet. Not even when i heard some guy screaming for help, once. I hope someone helped him, or it was a joke.

Normally when it snows like this i go to the park and take pictures. Maybe tomorrow, today i’m staying in.


The next day I went out and took some pictures and video. The pictures are on Flickr and the videos are on my YouTube Channel.

Then the Wednesday after the storm a noreaster blew through with nasty biting wind and snow. I know because I was out in it shopping. I am a tough New Yorker (Translation: Stupid). First I went to the yarn store to get yarn for the shawl I’m making for one of the bridesmaids in my best friend’s daughter’s wedding. I was wearing my gray down coat and it got soaked, it is not exactly waterproof. Besides the coat getting soaked, my jeans and every other part that was exposed got soaked too. I came home to change, but I didn’t want to put on my other winter coat, since I would need a coat the next day. The e-mail we got about cold stress, which I at first by cold they meant virus but they were talking working outside in cold temperatures, said dress in layers. I put on my long underwear, a sweatshirt and over that my coaches jacket, which has a fleece lining and is waterproof. It’s not designed for really cold weather, but with the layers it worked out fine. So I then ventured out again, this time for ….. a new coat to replace my gray coat.

The next Sunday (4 days later) when I went to church I wore a summer dress with a cotton sweater, tights and dress shoes. Last night I was back to wearing a coat. Winter in New York. No wonder I now have sniffles and a sore throat.

October snowstorm

I forgot I took this video, I was uploading my pictures and found it.

Aches and pains

For a while now whenever my right knee would start hurting for no apparent reason it meant some really horrible weather was coming. You’ve of weather predicting joints haven’t you?

This past winter it seemed like my knee was hurting all the time. So much so that I felt like my cane was a part of me. The days got a little warmer, then we got a forecast of snow.

Last weekend my shoulder started hurting. This was after I had been sick for a week, I thought maybe I had slept wrong or something, I put a heat pack on it. I took painkillers. Wednesday it snowed and my shoulder stopped hurting. K-rap. Now my shoulder can predict snow.

Stuck at home

Because of the weather, I have been stuck at home for two days. I was so bored today I was breaking up the ice outside my door with a hammer. Then I was shoveling it all out with an little bitty blue snow shovel (it’s designed to fit in the truck of a car, that’s why it’s itty bitty).

Then I took a break to go to Dunkin Donuts. I guess that’s not exactly stuck in the house, but I consider myself stuck if I can’t drive my car anywhere. And I couldn’t.

Bored. I am not starting an ‘I was so bored . . .’ But I did clean the snow off the cars after I got back from Dunkin’ Donuts.

If I can’t get to work tomorrow, I will probably do damage to something or someone.


So why did I come to work today? Am I crazy or just plain stupid? I wonder how bad the roads are at home, the snow here is just falling and falling like it is never going to stop. I don’t know if I should go home early or not.

I know why I came into work, I just couldn’t stand the thought of staying home and doing nothing, which is what would have happened. So I left and came into work. Now when I get home, I will probably get stuck in the yard, like always. I wonder if there is a way I can get in and not get stuck?

Home now, I couldn’t find Amita in the parking lot. Little car was hiding from me. I did not get stuck in the yard this time, YAY for me. I am waiting for Tigger and D to get done shoveling snow so I can make hot cocoa for them. Actually, M measured out the chocolate, it just has to be put in the machine and heated.


Very very cold yesterday. Very cold today. It also snowed.

I took some pictures of the puffer fish and sent them to Tigger. He loves our puffer fish. He thinks it is very cute.

I had my allergy shot and driving was bad, I slid across the road on the way home. I was so hungry. I didn’t really eat dinner. I had an asiago pretzel, a brownie, that’s all. I think I will either eat some cereal or go to bed.

I downloaded two more songs for Tigger. Yes I know, I am a sap. I paid for one and got the other with Pepsi points. I don’t mind because I usually put the songs on my MP3 player also.

I got ‘Brown Eyed Girl’ for my ringtone. I was tired of the other. Silly I know. Anyway, Tigger said I should get the whole song for my MP3 player.


I had a headache yesterday so M. drove my car up to get Gwen, the snow had frozen solid, it was like ice. Stitch didn’t think Amy could make it over but the little girl did! But he and Fred forgot to throw ice melt on the patch of snow behind where I park my car so it was slippery and M. fell and hurt herself. She asked Fred if he could handle her not being at his concert, he said he understood but was sad she wouldn’t get to hear the whole band play Fire Dance.

Then before the concert, I stood to let someone in the aisle, my boots slipped on the floor I fell down on the seat and my hand went between the seat and the metal part that holds the seat in place. Fortunately, since I have a wee little hand, it didn’t get stuck, I just got a little cut on it and it is a little stiff tonight.

With this cold air though, I feel like I am coming down with bronchitis. I think I will make an appointment with Dr. Nejad tomorrow, if I remember.


We had a snow storm Thursday. We had no meeting because of the Circuit Assembly this weekend. Well, there is a storm forecast for tonight into tomorrow, so they decided to not have tomorrows program, we are going next week. Unless we get another storm.

Thursday they let us go home early. There was a lot of snow by the time I got home, I had to drive really slow on the road, then I got stuck in the driveway, like always.

I went up to the Bed and Bath store to get a heating pack, it is very cold out. I got a big one and it made my shoulder feel so much better. I was afraid it would smell funny but it is not bad. I have to go upstairs now so I can have some hot cocoa.

I was going to say more but I can’t remember, I need to start taking notes on my life.

So I just retook the Tickle IQ test. It was the same as last time.

December and its COLD!

We got snow over the weekend. I had to use my heater again.

The internet connection has been iffy. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. It wasn’t working all evening, I had to go to M’s room to activate my phone (this is the 2nd replacement phone) and of course I had a shadow. Now it is working in my room, so I can post here and stay on as long as I want!

I finished typing my poems so I am going to post them on Freewebs.