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Aches and pains

For a while now whenever my right knee would start hurting for no apparent reason it meant some really horrible weather was coming. You’ve of weather predicting joints haven’t you?

This past winter it seemed like my knee was hurting all the time. So much so that I felt like my cane was a part of me. The days got a little warmer, then we got a forecast of snow.

Last weekend my shoulder started hurting. This was after I had been sick for a week, I thought maybe I had slept wrong or something, I put a heat pack on it. I took painkillers. Wednesday it snowed and my shoulder stopped hurting. K-rap. Now my shoulder can predict snow.



We had a snow storm Thursday. We had no meeting because of the Circuit Assembly this weekend. Well, there is a storm forecast for tonight into tomorrow, so they decided to not have tomorrows program, we are going next week. Unless we get another storm.

Thursday they let us go home early. There was a lot of snow by the time I got home, I had to drive really slow on the road, then I got stuck in the driveway, like always.

I went up to the Bed and Bath store to get a heating pack, it is very cold out. I got a big one and it made my shoulder feel so much better. I was afraid it would smell funny but it is not bad. I have to go upstairs now so I can have some hot cocoa.

I was going to say more but I can’t remember, I need to start taking notes on my life.

So I just retook the Tickle IQ test. It was the same as last time.