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Finally success

Ever go to the store and on the way home realize you forgot something? The last 6 trips to Target that has happened to me. It was the same item, dental floss. I even put it in my iPod touch and I still forgot.

Today after church Sarah and I ran some errands. First to the bank, then to Bank Sq to get coffee, where their motto is, life is too short to drink bad coffee. Then to Target, and this time I remembered the dental floss, but all they had was mint flavored. I don’t like mint. And I hate when I have to go to two stores to get one item. But that is what I had to do. Fortunately, the second store I went to had non-mint flavored dental floss.

So that was my day today. How was your day?



the train let us off on the old platform. I don’t know why, track work probably. This is the second time this has happened, the other time I was able to sneak up on Stitch. The way M parks when she is waiting, she saw me coming. I also do not know why I didn’t write about this yesterday. Maybe because I was upset about Stitch not returning my car until late.

Today Stitch came to get me, he was a little late and it was raining. Oh well. Tomorrow and Thursday he will not have my car. Friday we go to Newburgh. I am going to the hair place tomorrow to see how much it will be to get my roots touched up.

Tigger came downstairs and as I was going in my room he mentioned that ‘we’ need more Reisen. We do huh? I went to Allsport. I was hoping I could be quick enough to get to Staples before they closed but I didn’t. So I went to Target. I bought that purse I was looking at and it just fits my stuff. Not the perfect purse of course, but close. Then I got some re-writable CDs and a case to put my CDs in, about time, considering Sassy was the one that broke my old one. I also got “honking” big bag of LaffyTaffy and a bag of Reisen. I don’t remember if that is the correct spelling right now I don’t care. I sent Tigger a text that I was at Target, I told him I got CDs and a case to put them in. He said why? I could almost see him thinking, we get downloads from Amazon cheaper, why would she buy CDs? Then I explained they were blank so I could put music on them for my car. I didn’t mention the candy. He didn’t ask, so I had to tell him I got two bags. Then when I was opening the bag to put them in the container, it broke and I ended up with LaffyTaffy all over my floor. As I was scooping them up, all I could smell was the fruitiness of them.

Now I really need to get to bed, I have brushed my teeth, washed my face, taken out my contacts, taken my medicine, I didn’t clean Butterscotch’s litter box. I will do that tomorrow. Since the rain cooled things down, it doesn’t smell so bad tonight. I have some Pepsi points to enter then I will go to bed.

Warm again

And I thought it was going to rain so I went to the store first then here to the park. Listening to Chicago XXX, really like it, don’t know how they keep doing it.

It is warm again today but not as hot as it has been but still humid. Wearing the red dress I got at Kohl’s. Saw some nice purses at Kohl’s online. Not really sure what I am going to do. Stitch drove me to the train station this a.m. Tigger is supposed to go out. I have decided not to return phone calls because I am tired of getting yelled at.

It is 8:37 p.m. and Stitch just got in with my car. I wanted to go to Target but now I don’t know. I asked Tigger to do something with my computer and he didn’t. He had an upsetting day I know. But, I can’t do it! So I am sitting here wondering if I should go up to Target or not, should ask Tigger to help me again, or just try to do it myself. I am totally undecided. I wish my room was cooler.

Because it is so hard to think when I am hot! Anyway, Tigger came downstairs, when I asked him why he said, Well, I need to fix your computer right? Then he says, I also want an album. He has graduated from songs to whole albums. So, I downloaded an album for him. All with Pepsi points. I also put the two Chicago albums I bought on Em’s MP3 player for her, and burned them to a CD so I could play them in my car.

Hello again.

How r u

Gwen and I were in the park when I sent that. I wanted to say more, but she didn’t want to sit where we were anymore, so I just sent that short message.

Today I stayed home from work, not real sick, just had a crampy kind of stomach this morning and I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to handle the morning commute. When I felt better I got up and walked to DD’s for breakfast. Tigger gave me the idea, he sent me a text saying he was at DD’s and had ‘saved’ three fishes. This was the first thing I saw when I came upstairs though, this cat being scratched by Stitch. He says Abigail has problems, but he’s the one that kept scratching her belly.

So I walked to DD’s. Then, since I didn’t feel like going home, I walked to the park, unfortunately it started raining. So when I got to the park, I went to Ron’s instead and called the house to have Stitch come get me. Fred answered the phone, and when I said “Have Stitch come get me its raining”, he said “OK” and hung up. I kept my phone out, in a little while, Gwen called to find out where I was so Stitch could come get me.

Gwen and I went to Dick’s for Crocs, she got a different pair than the picture I posted below. She was saying that the styles she likes are in ugly colors. I picked up a pair of dark blue with a light blue sole, and said, “This is a pretty color.” She tried them on and they fit, so I bought them for her and she put them on in the car. Then she stated she needed “Paint chips” to decide what color to paint her end table. Right now it has carousel horses and she wants it to look not so little girl. So we went to Lowes for paint colors, then we went to Target for garbage bags and candy for Tigger, we kind of promised him candy if he would take a picture of Sarah’s new lamp so we could match the color, then we couldn’t find the kind he likes. While at Target, we saw gift cards and decided to get one for Fred, who is having his moving up ceremony tonight. When we came home, a semi-truck was hung up on tracks and we couldn’t get in. Gwen suggested we park across the street, I didn’t think she meant we could park and walk across, I am pretty stupid sometimes, so we went to the park, parked in the picnic area because there was a bad smell in the parking lot and walked to Ron’s. Then I mentioned we could park across the street and walk home. Gwen said, yeah, that’s what I meant.

M asked Gwen and I to cash in coins for Fred’s Cold Stone Cake, we took them to Hannaford’s to use the coinstar machine there.

M, Gwen and I went to the moving up ceremony for Fred’s class, so many kids screamed when Fred’s name was called out, I couldn’t believe it. More than for Tigger. After the ceremony I took M and Fred to Vereens for Bible Study, Gwen came home with me, she had headache from being in the theater. After they got home we ate ice cream cake and watched a Spencer DVD.

We have an ant infestation. They are after the cat’s food. I told him to eat all his food, or get rid of the ants. He hasn’t done either. So, I threw all his food (in his bowl, not in the plastic container which so far, is ant free) in the toilet and flushed. Then I put the bowl, which had cat food ‘dust’ and ants back on the floor, thinking I would take care of it in the morning. In the morning, the bowl was clean and the ants were gone. I could not imagine what had happened, had the ants eaten all the crumbs, or did the cat? Did the cat eat the food and the ants? Well, I put food in his bowl, and this afternoon when I got home the ants were back.

So I took a nap. Not a long one, just about 45 minutes. Then I went upstairs and ate, then went to Allsport, then went to Target and got ant traps! I also got some WD-40 because the door knob is sticking and the lock won’t lock all the way. I got another skort because they have finally made it to the clearance rack. And when those really nice tank tops make it to the 50% off rack, I will get one of them.

So the bowl is washed out, the floor is clean and the ant traps are in the wall. Hopefully no more ants.

One last comment, I have exercised 4 days in a row.

Nonny Nonny

Described as a feel good word, I kind of like saying it, Nonny Nonny. It’s from As You Like It. I keep saying I am going to read it but so far . . .

Today has not been the greatest of days. I stayed up late to finish Final Account. Another good book in the Alan Banks series. Then I got woken up early by my phone letting me know I got an e-mail from M.L. So I had to get up to check my e-mail to see what she said. Silly woman, spending time in the early a.m. to send me an e-card. Very sweet though.

Fell asleep on the train. Still having tummy problems that lead to a sore bottom. Have to take the Vaseline with me to the bathroom. Not bad though, nothing is bleeding right now.

This morning I had to throw out Butterscotch’s food again, covered in ants. I forgot to get ant traps at Target. I will have to remember to go tonight. I wrote a list in my phone, I need to transfer it to paper.

Hey there girlfriend.

Well, I did it. I got back to the gym and the nautilus machines. I kept the weights the same and I am sore today. But it is a good sore. Besides, that’s what they make Aleve for. Not much else of note for the weekend. M.L.’s husband is still in the hospital, I am guessing since she has not been in contact with anyone all weekend.

I went to Target and got a pair of casual pants for kicking around, lightweight for summer. Have plenty of sweat pants, but I don’t want to wear them in July! I also got a French Terry Skirt, should be down to my knees. I got the pants in Medium and the skirt in small. I didn’t get any more work out clothes, there was nothing I liked on the clearance rack.

This morning I mailed my state taxes. I have no idea why I waited this long to do so, I don’t think I have ever waited this long to mail them. Well, there was the one year I didn’t mail them at all. That was the year I was only getting a dollar back and they won’t send it to you unless you ask for it. So I just blew it off. This year I am getting $13 back.

This morning I weighed 139.6 pounds. I am not posting that on WW. I have decided I have to lose 10 pounds before I go to Washington. Two months, its doable, I just have to DO IT.

Staying Alive

Yesterday and today, I have been having a devil of a time staying awake. I wonder if I can blame it on having a bagel for breakfast instead of oatmeal. You know, the wheat allergy problem? Anyway, I was sitting here and nodding off and I heard a voice calling my name, it was Prestina and she was asking, “Is that you?” I was looking at my blog, which has my picture on it and that was what she was asking about.

Speaking of my blog, I forgot to mention what happened at Allsport last night, after I was done with my workout, I suddenly ran out of Women’s Fitness, I thought I had wet my pants, turned out, the wetness I felt was not urine, it was sweat! Time to switch from workout pants to workout shorts, or maybe I’ll pick up a pair of those workout skirts at Target.

I went to Target and got a workout skort, it wasn’t on the clearance rack yet, but I was tired of waiting. I got a pair of shorts that were on the clearance rack for $5. I also got a new sports bra, I have 4 or 5, but they are old and some of then the elastic is coming out. Then I went to the boys department to get a boys extra-large tank top to wear over my sports bras. It is longer than the shorts. I am wearing the skort and it is very comfortable.

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