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Getting ready for bed

I was washing my face, or brushing my teeth, and thought of something I wanted to post here, not only do I not remember it now, I forgot it before I left the bathroom. I was standing there looking at myself in the mirror saying, what was it? What was I going to say? It is completely gone.

Tonight I did just the AMT. But I wore my new skort, I like it for exercising, very comfortable. Need to let my aching muscles heal. I have been getting all kinds of advise for my muscles. A lady at the gym said to eat a banana beforehand, the potassium helps. My boss said to get Whey Protein Powder and mix it in water, 20 grams of protein, because if I am cutting calories I am probably not getting enough protein. I have not done either, and I don’t think I will have time to get any WPP before I go to work out tomorrow. Tomorrow I am trying to do 15 to 20 minutes on the elliptical and the whole Nautilus circuit.

Well, I took a picture of the blanket I knitted, it is in the camera, I wrapped the blanket in pink tissue paper then white paper with a bunch of cute saying on it, and stuck it in a gift bag, the bag is kind of yellow. Too much pink gives me a rash. I can’t decide if I am going to get a card. I know I should, I am just getting a little short on cash right now.

After the gym I went to Kohls. I got three tops, one brown cotton skirt (short) and another skort for working out. It was cheaper there than at Target, it was 50% off. I think I will wear it tomorrow.

Staying Alive

Yesterday and today, I have been having a devil of a time staying awake. I wonder if I can blame it on having a bagel for breakfast instead of oatmeal. You know, the wheat allergy problem? Anyway, I was sitting here and nodding off and I heard a voice calling my name, it was Prestina and she was asking, “Is that you?” I was looking at my blog, which has my picture on it and that was what she was asking about.

Speaking of my blog, I forgot to mention what happened at Allsport last night, after I was done with my workout, I suddenly ran out of Women’s Fitness, I thought I had wet my pants, turned out, the wetness I felt was not urine, it was sweat! Time to switch from workout pants to workout shorts, or maybe I’ll pick up a pair of those workout skirts at Target.

I went to Target and got a workout skort, it wasn’t on the clearance rack yet, but I was tired of waiting. I got a pair of shorts that were on the clearance rack for $5. I also got a new sports bra, I have 4 or 5, but they are old and some of then the elastic is coming out. Then I went to the boys department to get a boys extra-large tank top to wear over my sports bras. It is longer than the shorts. I am wearing the skort and it is very comfortable.

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