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Suddenly a shot rang out! Yes i stole that. I’m visiting my best friend this weekend, she needs help sewing a coat so i came up today. She cut out the pattern then left to go to church with her husband leaving me with the pattern pieces and fabric. Being the careful seamstress that i am i looked at the instructions to lay out all the pieces before i began cutting. There was a front, a gusset, an upper and lower sleeve, side panel and back, i picked up the last big piece of tissue paper, it wasn’t the back. The back wasn’t there. Her daughter came over from the couch to help me look for it, in the pattern pieces, the pattern envelope. We got crumpled pieces out of the garbage, no back. I wondered if the pattern company had forgotten to put it in, then i remembered she had held the back up to her to measure it. 

At this point i became convinced i had somehow lost the pattern piece and would have to leave not just her house but the country and berated myself for not learning Portuguese before having to move to  Brazil. 

Her daughter remained optimistic, with ideas and scenarios, “Maybe it fell on the floor when mom was carrying it over here.” So we started looking under things, she picked up the couch and i checked, no pattern piece. She found another piece of crumpled  up tissue paper the cat has been playing with and started to uncrumple it. “This isn’t it, too thin.” I stood next to her as the 9 became visible, “That’s it, that’s the pattern piece. Go get the iron and ironing board.”

Piece found, ironed out, and placed on the fabric. Now we can drink banana smoothies and laugh at ourselves. 


Coffee, tea or hot chocolate?

One day this week a woman got on the train carrying a cup of coffee. Instead of a paper sleeve she had a crocheted one. My first thought was, I want it! My second thought was I can make it myself. I went online to find a pattern, all the patterns I found were crocheted, but I wanted a knit one. I decided it wouldn’t be too hard to figure out how to make one myself.

20130316-134725.jpgAnd here it is, and here are the directions. I used “Caron Simply Soft Party yarn” medium size, gauge is 18 stitches, 24 rows with #8(5mm) US needles=4″x4″ (10 cm). I used size #4 US, (3.5 mm) double pointed needles to make the knitted sleeve shown.

Cast on 34 sts. Join
Rnd 1: K
Rnd 2: Purl all even rows.
Rnd 3: K 17 sts, increase one stitch, K 16 sts, increase one stitch, K1
Rnd 5: K
Rnd 7: K 18 sts, increase one stitch, K 17 sts, increase one stitch, K1
Rnd 9: K
**Rnd 11: K to last stitch, increase one stitch in space before last stitch.
Rnd 12: P
Rnd 13: K
Rnd 14: P

Repeat from ** until sleeve is as long as you want it. Bind off next row, weave yarn ends in.

20130316-135937.jpgAfter finishing it and trying it on the cup to make sure it fit, I did another test. I took the sleeve off the cup and boiled some water, then I made tea in the cup. I put the sleeve on and held the cup, yes I am holding a paper cup with boiling water in it. So not only does it protect my hand, I was also able to get it on the cup when the cup was full. I call that success.

A new hat

Since my “Bella is Creative” blog has been taken over by a story, my hat has to come here. I started it last night. I am using my Islander hat as a ‘template’, I have knitted 4″ so far.

So far I am averaging 2″ a night, if I keep this pace up, I will finish in within a weeks time. There are a few reasons it has taken me two evenings to get to 4″. One is I knit really slow, yes really. Two is I stop after knitting one or two rows to measure it, and to admire how perfect my stitches are.

As soon as I get 4-½” of K2, P2 ribbing I can start on the cables. I am thinking I want to taper it at the top but I haven’t completely decided.

The yarn is some I found in my supplies. It is a spruce green and sparkly, it’s called Dazzle. I don’t remember what I originally bought it for.

The Rehearsal

So I went for the rehearsal, I forgot to take my knitting and Stitch wouldn’t let me take my computer in. Anyway, rehearsal is not like the concert, I was so bored! M was at Tigger’s concert, which he didn’t play at because his reed was broken, she sent me a text, ‘I am bored, so I’m texting you.’ We sent messages to each other until she left the high school, then she told me to text Tigger. We sent a lot of texts to each other. Than when we got home, Stitch realized he’d left his backpack at the college.

More of my life

I have decided that the main difference between this and a diary is that I didn’t have to create titles in my diary, each page just had the date, Dear Carmel, and I took off! Having to come up with titles is not my strong suit. That is what drags me down when I write poems. I write poems fine, then when I have to give it a title, I get all bogged down. However, what is nice, is if I want to change something here, I can just go back and change it, no cross outs!

Anyway, I am staying home, I got a sore throat yesterday and it was still there this morning. It is better now after a cough drop and a cup of coffee and sugar-free black cherry soda. It is still hurting so it is not just dry throat like I was hoping it was.

After I dropped Stitch and Gwen off, I brought them up to Dutchess this morning (I can’t not have my car if I am home, I have a sore throat, I am not an invalid), Stitch calls me, he forgot his trumpet, his suggestion to me (to save gasoline he says), is to bring it up at 7:30 pm, then I can stay for practice, so should I bring my computer, or my knitting? I think it would be more polite to bring my knitting, I will see what M. thinks. Its not like I won’t get computer time today.

Well, I can’t think of much else to say right now. I am going to Weight Watchers. I will be back if anything else happens today.

I went to the library to get my books, they had that cart with free books on the sidewalk. I got two, a Mary Higgins Clark and the 2nd book in the Women’s Murder Club series.

Hi there

I haven’t read the thread so I don’t know if any BTers have gone to my new “crafting” blog. I will have to redo it with comments and descriptions about the different things on it. I thought I had more pictures than that. I think I do, they are just not digital, so I would have to scan them to put them in. I don’t feel like doing that. I could take pictures of some of the necklaces and things that I kept and didn’t take pictures of, maybe tonight. I should have taken pictures of more things.

Tomorrow M has planned to go to Woodbury Commons. I was thinking I could get some Crocs, but they don’t have a store there. I want some for my trip. I don’t want to get too many things before I go, I want my Mom to have the pleasure of buying me some things. 😉

Gwen’s phone came today. She has already sent some text messages. When I activated in the basement with my computer, I sent a text to Tigger from the phone, 1 minute later she was knocking on my door, “I want my phone!” She is very happy with it. She set up her signature, Princess { :), a tiara on top of her smiley face.

Chatter Chatter

So, I just got hit with a headache. OW! I gave the blanket to the new mommie to be, well, she is not actually a NEW mommie, this is her third, but it is her first GIRL! She said she loved it, likes how soft it is, had to give me a hug. She also liked the baby feet on the bag and the card.

I took a few minutes to pop over to WW to check my threads. I just pasted ♪♥♫♥ >^..^< on them so tonight I can find them and type something. Laurie Lee sent an e-mail to Pam saying she has to leave the thread. I remember when I did that, then I came back, now the thread is no longer there. I am sure that will not happen to BT and BTF. There are too many people that post to it for it to just fade to black.

There was another thread that I used to post to that is no longer there. I can't believe that at one time I posted to 7-10 threads. One thread now only has like 3 regular posters. Every once in a while someone new posts there, but they don't come back.

My weight was up this morning, but my pants seem to be fitting better. So that is an NSV.

Window Pane Baby Blanket

Here is the blanket, I posted on the BT thread that it was here and have gotten several compliments on it. I am going to start a blog with all my crafts on it. I just have to figure out how to do it!

Window Pane Blanket

Just finished this book, will come back to comment on it.

O.K. I put my laundry in and did stuff and now I have no time to comment on this book. But I will, but now I have to post pictures of the baby blanket I just finished.

I really enjoyed this book. What I have discovered about Peter Robinson, is even though the books are a series, they are not all the same. For instance in this book, you learn about DC Susan Gay, who up to this point has just been mentioned, and that by other characters, you don’t really see her. She is very smart but very insecure for lack of a better word. She is always questioning herself, and worried that others are looking at her critically and reporting on her to her superiors. One of those people who blames themselves when things go wrong, or if they make a mistake, feel they shouldn’t have made it, even if it was their inexperience that caused it. Considering she is a female in a male dominated profession it is very understandable and Peter Robinson makes it very believable.

Getting ready for bed

I was washing my face, or brushing my teeth, and thought of something I wanted to post here, not only do I not remember it now, I forgot it before I left the bathroom. I was standing there looking at myself in the mirror saying, what was it? What was I going to say? It is completely gone.

Tonight I did just the AMT. But I wore my new skort, I like it for exercising, very comfortable. Need to let my aching muscles heal. I have been getting all kinds of advise for my muscles. A lady at the gym said to eat a banana beforehand, the potassium helps. My boss said to get Whey Protein Powder and mix it in water, 20 grams of protein, because if I am cutting calories I am probably not getting enough protein. I have not done either, and I don’t think I will have time to get any WPP before I go to work out tomorrow. Tomorrow I am trying to do 15 to 20 minutes on the elliptical and the whole Nautilus circuit.

Well, I took a picture of the blanket I knitted, it is in the camera, I wrapped the blanket in pink tissue paper then white paper with a bunch of cute saying on it, and stuck it in a gift bag, the bag is kind of yellow. Too much pink gives me a rash. I can’t decide if I am going to get a card. I know I should, I am just getting a little short on cash right now.

After the gym I went to Kohls. I got three tops, one brown cotton skirt (short) and another skort for working out. It was cheaper there than at Target, it was 50% off. I think I will wear it tomorrow.