Since my “Bella is Creative” blog has been taken over by a story, my hat has to come here. I started it last night. I am using my Islander hat as a ‘template’, I have knitted 4″ so far.

So far I am averaging 2″ a night, if I keep this pace up, I will finish in within a weeks time. There are a few reasons it has taken me two evenings to get to 4″. One is I knit really slow, yes really. Two is I stop after knitting one or two rows to measure it, and to admire how perfect my stitches are.

As soon as I get 4-½” of K2, P2 ribbing I can start on the cables. I am thinking I want to taper it at the top but I haven’t completely decided.

The yarn is some I found in my supplies. It is a spruce green and sparkly, it’s called Dazzle. I don’t remember what I originally bought it for.